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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Stove

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Whether you are intending to move your stove or are trying to relocate it from one place or another. The cost of shifting your gas stove depends upon various factors, including, the weight of your stove, the distance you have to cover, etc. 

You may be intending to move your gas stove for many reasons, like shifting your place, getting a new one, or even taking the one you already have to maintain.

Without cutting and/or stretching a gas pipe, no more than 3-4 feet can be moved. These modifications could take a long time and cost a lot of money depending on how the job is done. You must plan ahead of time to guarantee that the gas stove is properly installed from the outset.

But one thing you would have in mind is how much it’d cost you to move your gas stove from one place to another. This question needs further clarity.

Do you want to move your gas stove from one place within your kitchen to another?
Do you want to move your gas stove from one place outside your home to another?

Key Highlights

Whether moving your gas stove out of your home or from one place of kitchen to another you cannot find the exact figure on internet. 

The cost is dependent upon multiple factors, like the cost of plumbing, gas line, material, labor, transportation, your locality etc. 

Moving gas stove within your kitchen

Moving gas stoves necessitates shifting the utilities that keep them operating. To relocate a gas stove, either tear out the wall behind the gas stove and reroute the gas line or run a new gas line from a different site entirely.

I’d love to give you the shortest answer to save you time, however, this is not the case here. The exact figure cannot be provided with regard to moving your gas stove.

Because it depends upon various factors as asserted above.

Gas Line:

Moving gas lines can cost between $15 and $25 per linear foot, with costs ranging from $120 to $1355 depending on how far you need to go.

Cost Breakdown for Moving Gas Line:

Let’s look at the primary factors that influence the cost of moving a gas line.


Additional pipe materials will be required to relocate a gas line. These are usually priced between $3 and $10 per linear foot.


To finish the move, you’ll also need to employ a competent plumber. Labor costs $75 to $100 per hour on average, with some skilled plumbers charging up to $200 per hour. However, it must be kept in mind, that the charges for moving gas lines differ in various cities/countries of the US.

Steps to Measure Your Gas Line:

  • Measure the distance between the first section of the pipe and the pipe bend with a tape measure. For the purpose of checking remember one thing, a gas pipe must always run straight from the meter to the appliance.
  • Now measure the length of the gas pipe to the extent you’ll need to install another angled coupling.
  • After that, measure the remaining sections of the gas pipe in the same manner until all of the gas lines have been measured.
  • Arrange the gas pipes with couplings in order to ascertain how the new gas line will be linked visually.
  • Take each pipe and coupling section and insert it into the new gas line.

You can also check the cost estimate of moving your gas line on this calculator.

Can You Move a Gas Line by Yourself?

You should not attempt to move a gas line yourself; instead, use a professional. Natural gas is hazardous and very combustible, not to mention difficult to detect.

With this in mind, it’s critical to hire a professional to run and install gas lines rather than doing it yourself. A skilled plumber can assure the safety of you and your property, as well as the proper completion of the project.

You should contact a local gas plumber to explore your choices. Before moving the gas line, most plumbers will cap it.

Moving Gas Stove from One Home to another:

To move a gas stove from one residence to another, you’ll be required to consider two factors.


You have to pay the charges to the plumber for taking off your gas stove, which as stated above, will cost you from $75 and $200 on average.


Other than that, you’ll also need to consider the cost of transportation if you are moving your gas stove from one place to another.

The entire duration will vary depending on how far you need your gas stove to be moved, but it is safe to predict at least 2 hours. At a rate of $110 per hour, this would amount to at least $220 before taxes and any other expenses.

Other Relevant FAQs

Is it Hard to change the location of gas stove in your kitchen?

It can be quite a pain to change the position of your stove. Furthermore, the difficulty also varies and depends upon the position where you want to relocate your stove.

But if you have a freestanding gas stove, then there is nothing that you should worry about. However, for the mounted stove, the case is the opposite.

It should also be kept in mind that you are changing the whole position of your kitchen which might include removing the cabinet or adding cabinets in the gaps, venting system to be installed to that place, old plumbing, or disconnecting other home appliances too.

Based on this, if you still have the funds and want to go, consider designing kitchen flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances to all match a theme and create a coherent aesthetic so the kitchen appears well planned to buyers when you go to sell in two years and not a Frankenstein kitchen.

In addition to this, consider the implications of relocating water supply/drain lines; depending on where they come from (likely below), you’ll need access to that location to move things around. This could be simple/cheap (if there is unfinished space below) or difficult/expensive (if there is finished space below).

But the pricy thing above all is the gas line.

Why you should not try to move a stove yourself?

This is because the gas stove is a known source of heightened danger. This topic is governed by tight regulations. The slab’s placement is always clearly marked on the apartment’s BTI plan: any alterations or corrections to the plan are construed as redevelopment.

Even if the displacement of the object is minimal, moving a gas stove within the kitchen constitutes a redevelopment.


So, I think it could be enough for you to determine the actual cost that could incur to move your gas stove.

However, if there is a point you think should be added here then feel free to tell us about it.  

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