Timothy Spencer

content manager

Tim has been in the industry of content management for almost more than 8 years. He is a vehement worker who loves to explore. 

He is helping BurnEssa to become a well known reputed online community where everyone can get the authentic and valid information.

Therefore, he has been assigned the task to give BurnEssa a brand identity which will be lucrative for our online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online.

Finding relevant information and working with different freelancers having expertise in their field. The major assignment of Timothy Spencer is to gather the relevant information from different (authentic) sources, forge them in the form of articles that resolve the most asked queries and present these articles to Brian Dean for fact checking.

When after checking the article under consideration of his expertise approves, the articles written and managed by Timothy Spencer, then the article goes to Josh Reynold to see whether they have potential to be shared on different social medias and can enhance the exposure of BurnEssa or not. 

Other Responsibilities:

  • Manages all content creation, revision, and retention across multiple platforms.
  • Works with executive director to identify stories needing updating and revisions, as well as formulating a workable content roadmap.
  • Organizes the editorial calendar with the editorial director as well as manages incoming stories from writers into an easy-to-manage format.
  • Edits and revises content.
    Spearheads tasks regarding content as well as editorial strategy.
  • Helps build a team of writers, freelancers, and other contributors, and manages assignments.
  • Identifies keywords for expansion on the site.
  • Brainstorms with editorial team members to develop new ideas for content.
  • Provides editorial support where needed.

You can email Tim at: 

8210 Florida Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA
Email: company.burnessa@gmail.com
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