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Covering Gap Between Back Of Gas Stove And Wall

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Covering Gap Between The Back Of Gas Stove And Wall

Shifted into a new home? Or are trying to remodel your kitchen? Some of you perfectionists always get annoyed with the gap between the back of the gas stove and wall.

Well, there should be a two-inch space between the back of your gas cooktop and a wall and not more than that

Reasons? A lot. Remember large gaps, tend to cause problems for many different reasons, like something may get stuck inside it or less ventilation, etc, or crumbs and spilled liquids may to stuffed inside it.

Therefore, I’ll try here to give you summarized tips and ideas on how to cover this gap.

But should you worry about the gap?

As narrated above. Gas lines often emerge from the floor or the wall and extend several inches out from the wall or up from the floor.

Recessed sections at the back of gas stoves should fit around the gas line, leaving just a 1-inch space to avoid crimping the line.

This allows the stove to be placed pretty near to the back wall. If you acquire a new stove to fit in the same spot, the recessed area may not line up as well as the previous one did, resulting in a big gap of several inches between the stove and the rear wall.

Now, that you are looking for the solutions! The remedies depend upon whether you own the kitchen or live in a rented place.

Why is the gap not filled?

First thing first, why the gas is not filled. Apart from the first 2 inches, the extra space is problematic and requires attention.

If you are living in a rented place then you should at the very first stance ask your landlord why the gap is not filled and demand to get it filled before shifting.

If you have just bought your own home then try to reach the previous owner and ask the problems for not covering this fill.

Believe me, you should have to know this.

Covering The Gap Between My Stove And Wall?

Below we have tried to provide almost every kind of solution in this regard, which can cost you very less to cover this gap.


If you own the house, then get the plumber. He will conduct a thorough probe which includes getting under the floor, checking the gas pipeline, or terms like that (which you may not know).

A plumber can help you in this regard but you should contact him only when you are the owner of your house. 

Remember, if you are in a rented apartment, then you have already signed the contract with your landlord whereby you have agreed to the terms & conditions of not making any alterations without his/her permission. 

Wood Piece:

For less costly ideas, you can get the wood piece affix at the gap. How to do that? Simply get the measurement of the gap therein and cut a wood piece (any spare that you have in your home) and place it inside the gap.

You can or should decorate it as much as you could to make it look a little more beautiful. Plus, adding a spice shelf above it for decoration might be nice, and help hide the gap.

Cooktop Type:

If you are using a famous brand like GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc. then there is a privilege for you.

Contact the support team of your cooktop’s company and tell them that you have a gap between your gas cooktop and the wall which you are intending to fill. 

They will ask you the model of your gas stove and will recommend the best type of Filler Strip you requires.


Yes, I know that is the worst idea. But it is an idea and if you are a creative person then probably the best idea.

You can fill the gap with a chain of flowers which can easily be gotten from sites like Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, etc.

You can get beautiful plastic or cloth decorative pieces and fill your gas cooktop’s gap with them.

They don’t need water and can be hand washed if got dirty.

Stovetop Extenders:

Just like a wood piece a metal plate can be of great help here. You can buy these rails from Amazon or Ikea for the type most suitable for you.

An L-shaped metal or vinyl component that connects to the rear of the stove and fills the space. It might be magnetic or fit into pre-existing screw holes at the rear. When it’s time to relocate, these may be removed.

Check with the manufacturer to see whether a cooktop extender, a similar metal item that slots on the back of the unit and bridges the space between it and the wall, is available. If not, get a basic cooktop extension.

Words of Wisdom:

Whether you are living in a rented place or about to buy a home, if you find this type of gap between a gas stove and a wall then take it as an advantage and ask the landlord/realtor to give you a concession if they declined for getting it repaired.

Thanks me later!


Knowing how much distance to keep between your gas cooktop and the wall is crucial for various reasons, the most significant of which is safety. 

The suggested minimum space varies based on range style, so consult your owner’s handbook for the specific figure.

Backsplashes are required when placing a drop-in or slide-in range against a wall. Building a tile backsplash is simple to clean and maintain.

You must ensure that your gas stove is not too near to other appliances, just as you must provide sufficient distance between ranges and walls.

A cooktop that is too close to a microwave or refrigerator may cause harm to this equipment as well as a fire danger in your kitchen.

As always, before installation, thoroughly read your appliance’s owner’s handbook.

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