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Our vision

The Vision of establishing this online platform is to help others utilities the information available for the improvement of handling their kitchenette appliances. 

Primarily, our Vision is to foster a community with which we can interact and engage for enhancing the virtual exposure of our users. Therefore, in order to attain this, we require your help.

Therefore, here, at BurnEssa we are contributing to help you get the best possible experience with your kitchenette products (especially gas stoves / cooktops). In the same context, we also need your help by giving us reviews so that we can achieve our vision. 


Our Mission is to achieve our Vision at thriving costs. The main aim of this mission is dependent upon the trust factor of our cyber users which will help us make BurnEssa a Reviewing Brand (particularly with regard to gas stove / cooktops); where you will come first before checking or buying any Kitchenette Product and get a perfect view whether the product, in your mind, is as per your requirements or not.

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Other than that! We have a dedicated team which leaves no stone unturned when it comes to answer the general questions with regard to handling and maintaining your kitchen appliances. To get all your answers under one roof, we take all the burden of filtering the most authoritative and authentic answers from the most persons on different social forum who have prior knowledge.



Apart from providing general information to our users, furnishing specific product knowledge; to extent of the versatility is also one of our core feature, such as, its usage, handling, maintaining and compatibility. 

The core feature correlates with our vision which is to guide you towards the best Kitchenette appliance which is suitable to you conducive to your specific conditions. 

With the aim and intention to provide every possible solution to you in respect of utilization of your gas stove / cooktops.

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