Brian Dean

Mr. Brian Dean is the founder of the BurnEssa, he manages the team of writers and professionals who have expertise in the relevant field of stoves and can help us to achieve our mission efficiently. 

A certified professional who knows his way around the maintenance of cooktops, stove and other major kitchen appliances .

He is not only the main cause in this philanthropist act of establishing a helping hand which could be lucrative for you to avoid any calamity in terms of money, life or damage to property but also helps us to deliver our valued opinion in such a manner that virtual audience can understand it easily and that is the most important thing nowadays (being online surfer you have better idea). 

Keeping this ambition in mind he has tried to put together a team of his fellow friends, acquaintances to create this forum in order to help others. 

This was the introduction from our perspective. But the reason for which Brian has established this site and thrived to such extent to make this platform is the message which can only be delivered by Mr. Brian Dean himself. 

You can find his narrative here:

“Hi I’m Brian Dean! As of writing, I can look at myself in the mirror with the joy, peace and ease of mind that I am helping people to the extent I could. This is one of the greatest feeling that I achieved from my writing. I write to help and I can say proudly that I have helped a lot of people in saving their valuable time & money, 

I have always been a passionate reader and a researcher myself. This habit of mine has propelled me to open the doorways of my knowledge to others and help them attain the information that I acquire. 

My father, as profession, used to repair stoves, ovens and other kitchen appliances. While living in Florida, I grew up watching him doing his work with the passion that I have in myself now. I used to ask him different questions regarding his work whenever I caught him busy with these appliances which now have helped me a lot to help others. But more importantly, primarily, my endeavors for launching this platform is to help people in the ways my father used to help others and that has marked my heart.

I went to school in NeoCity Academy and make it my aim to help my father establish this business and assist everyone at the same time. However, due to some reasons, which should not be disclosed here, I left this idea and went to Florida State University.

After graduating and especially in pandemic, I had this idea of sharing this knowledge with others. But as you know I cannot answer all the questions of everyone. Therefore, I tried to assemble the team of some experts in research, writing, etc. to help me in this regard.

Thanks for your considerate time!”

8210 Florida Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA
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