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Does the back of a stove get hot

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Gas stoves are the component in our Kitchenette that we not only use daily but also use almost every time whenever we are in the kitchen. If the gas stove malfunctions then the whole kitchen stops working.

In the same essence, if the gas stove’s back gets hot while used then it can become a problem. In this detailed article, we have tried to cover all the possible aspects of the reasons, dangers, and remedies if the back of the stove gets hot while in use.

Key Highlights

The back of a stove can get hot when there is a problem occurring within your gas stove or range that you do not know of. If the back of a gas stove is getting excessively hot then it is not normal and needs immediate attention, which requires checking:

  • Stove Vents;
  • Oven Insulation;
  • Faulty Components.

Also, some of the stoves are manufactured in such a way that their back gets hot when in use for a considerable time. Therefore, you should check the Manual of your stove or contact the Stove’s manufacturing company in this regard.

To save your time we have created this flow chart via which you can easily understand whether your stove really have a issue of excessive heat on backside or not.

a vivid infographic to help people understand why stoves backside is hot

If you want a detailed insight then we have also broken down the key elements in this regard which would be beneficial for you.

⚠️Safety Precautions:

Before proceeding further, there is a safety precaution that we want to give. With the help of our article, you should only find the problem that is causing your stove’s back excessively hot do not try to attempt any DIY by yourself, and call the experts/professionals to help you in this regard.

Moreover, while inspecting it is also advised to disconnect the power or shut off its circuit breaker. If there is a problem with the oven then putting the mittens or gloves while troubleshooting is always a good idea.

How hot does the back of my stove can get?

Natural gas flames can burn as hot as 3,560 degrees Fahrenheit, with that being said, the back of a stove can get hot enough to cause injury if not taken care of timely.

Why does my stove get so hot?

Now coming to the main bone of contention here. The below mentioned are different reasons and factors for which your stove can get hot:

Stove Vents:

If like others, your oven stove comes with a combo then it’ll necessarily have a vent inside. You can check whether the vent inside is working properly or not. There could be two different reasons.

  1. The vent is throwing off hot air because the stove is pressed against the wall.
  2. The vent is not working due to being clogged with something.

The oven on freestanding gas ranges is typically vented up through the backsplash, with heat directed downward toward the cooktop.

The majority of the time, people who have old stoves complain that the stove vent is not working properly. This happens when there is debris or grime from cooking gets stuck inside it. Cleaning regularly can help you to avoid this situation.

Oven Insulation:

Insulation aids in the prevention of heat loss during the pre-heating and cooking processes. If an oven did not have insulation, the extra heat would be transferred to the oven’s frame. This would put any cooking or baking project at risk of skin burns from touching the oven’s outer frame.

If your oven is lacking insulation or it’s deteriorating then replacing it is necessary because it can be the biggest problem with interior air circulation and can result in the backside getting hot.

Faulty Components:

The components inside your gas stove can erode for many different reasons. But finding the faulty component by yourself is a hard pill to swallow.

Why? Because this is not a burner or a grate or a drip pan that you can look at all by yourself. Rather it is the insidious malfunctioning that is deteriorating your stove’s condition day by day.

These components could be:

  • Thermostat inside
  • Oven Fan & Motor
  • Oven Base Elements etc.

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Can I check the back of my stove myself?

Well, if you know your way around and already have done this kind of works e.g. changed your stoves burners or have cleaned its downdraft vent by yourself then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

However, we’d always recommend you to hire a professional.

Is it necessary to hire Technician to check heat from stove backside?

It is always the best approach to call a professional or a technician to check the heat coming the back of your gas stove.

Why? Because whether you have resolved these kinds of petty issues by yourself or not, on thing is for sure that work like these requires time. However, the professional can save you ton of heavy work and tiresome work. He can find the fault in your gas stove within seconds and can replace it within an hour or so. Hence, saving you your weekend for partying.

? Point to Ponder:

Many stoves are built in such a way that their vent is not properly installed which let the air circulate inside and results in the back of the stove getting hot. This is a design flaw and should not be taken seriously.

However, if you still think you should give it a go, then you can check how your stove has been built in your stove’s user manual guide or you can also call the support of your stove manufacturing company

Important Consideration:

Some ovens vent under a burner, and some ovens vent through the back between the backsplash and display panel.

As for some stoves; on the back right side, there is a spot for a bit of heat to come out from the oven so it gets really hot and when using the oven, you have to make sure nothing is on that burner to keep from blocking the airflow.

However, if the temperature of a stove is unbearable then it could be that the stove isn’t properly insulated and you’re losing heat out the top. That isn’t inherently a problem since the burners and oven are designed to handle the heat, but it is wasted energy. There’s nothing to be done about this, just be aware of it and careful about what you put on the stovetop.

a diagram of gas stove interior working

It’s also possible it’s just the vents allowing the oven to cycle air or exhaust (if it’s gas) as needed. Also not much to do about it beyond being careful about leaving stuff on top of the stove.

Case Study (Based on Other’s Experience):

To furnish the perfect answer to the subject matter, we conducted a thorough study and search through many different forums and online communities apart from our own experience.

In one instance, we found that one person posted on Reddit that he has bought a new Frigidaire gas stove which is getting way too hot (450 degrees Fahrenheit in about 20 to 30 minutes), and the back is too hot to touch when the stove is on. In view thereof, he asked whether it is dangerous or not.

So people advised him to get his gas stove checked by a professional as it is way too much hot for any gas stove to get. You can check the full thread in External Source number 3.


The final advice here is that you should contact your stove’s manufacturing company and tell them about the issue. If they say that it is normal then there is nothing to worry about. However, if they tell you that your stove is getting excessively hot then it is time for you to get it checked by a professional to find the root of the contention here.

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