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Trying recipes for delicious food is one of many things that all of us are very fond of. Many people love cooking and are zealous about making new delicious recipes.

However, many times you may not acquire the taste as stated in the recipe. This is mainly due to the smallest of things you may have ignored.

Just like that not knowing about the medium to the high setting of your stove is one of the main things that can change the taste of your cooking.

350 degrees, as you may have heard, is the ideal temperature for cooking. Many chefs, whether online or on TV recommend keeping the heat of your stove to 350 degrees. But how can you find the 350 degrees on your stove?

Here, we will try to answer all the types of settings that you can choose to change the settings of heating in your stove.

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Gas stove 350 degrees temperature chart

To understand it easily, take a look at the table for Gas Stove Marks Conversion:-



Gas Mark


  275 degrees F

  140 degrees C


Very Cool
or Very Slow

  300 degrees F

  150 degrees C


or Slow

  325 degrees F

  165 degrees C



  350 degrees F

  177 degrees C



  375 degrees F

  190 degrees C



  400 degrees F

  200 degrees C



  425 degrees F

  220 degrees C



  450 degrees F

  230 degrees C



  475 degrees F

  245 degrees C



  500 degrees F

  260 degrees C


Very Hot

What setting on a Gas stove top is 350 degrees?

This is challenging because, while it may be mentioned in cooking instructions, there is no way to correctly gauge the heat from a stovetop burner. 

The reason for this is that, unlike the oven cavity, the burner is not an enclosed chamber that traps heat, allowing for continual controlled heat.

The burner depends on your range (low to high end) and whether it is electric, gas, or induction. Nonetheless, if you want an estimate, then if a recipe specifies that it should be cooked on Medium Heat or Mid Heat, set the temperature knob to 5, which is the middle number and represents medium heat.

How do you read temperature on stove?

The dials or knobs on most stove tops will have the numbers 1 to 9 printed on them or on the stove itself. The greatest heat temperature is achieved by setting the temperature dial to 9. This is the lowest heat temperature if the temperature dial is set to 1.

Is medium heat 350 degrees on a Gas stove?

Well, that also varies. Different types of stoves have different settings which make their heating phenomena distinguished from one another.

Take a look at this video for understanding it more conveniently.


What is considered medium-high heat on a gas stove?

You can also check the heat capacity of your stove with the help of a thermometer. On a thermostat, medium-high heat ranges between 375 and 449 degrees Fahrenheit. In Celsius, medium-high heat ranges from 190 to 232 degrees C.

The option for medium-high heat helps you to cook food fast without scorching it. It has heat settings ranging from medium to high.

What is medium low heat on gas stovetop?

Similarly, the temperature ranges from 250 to 324 degrees Fahrenheit (121 to 162 degrees Celsius).

In certain cases, medium-low heat is preferable to medium-high heat since it may be maintained for longer periods of time without burning the food. It is suitable for cooking lean meats.

Gas Stove numbers to degrees

If you are still confused in what do the numbers on stove top relate to in terms of temperature?

Then, take it this way, on most stove tops the dials or knobs will have the numbers from 1 to 9 printed on the knobs or on the stove itself. If you set the number on the temperature dial to 9, this is the highest heat temperature. If you set the number on the temperature dial to 1, this is the lowest heat temperature.

As stated before, the settings and operating procedures of all stoves are different therefore, the criteria for selecting your desired heat are also different.

But if you want to consider a standard setting, then it can be give as:

– Highest heat is 9 on the stove knob.

– Mid heat is around 4 – 6 on the stove knob.

– Low heat is around 1 – 3 on stove knob.

On most stove tops, the temperature dials have nine numbers. If your knob has 9 digits, these are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9; if your knob has 6 numbers, they are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. There are four temperature settings before the number 5 and four temperature settings after the number 5. Because 5 is the intermediate number, it is seen as middling.

Checking the temperature by yourself?

You can check the temperature of your stove by yourself with these DIYs simply at home:

With Thermometer

Use a frying thermometer to get the most accurate reading of the temperature on your stove burner. Water will never exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit — the temperature at which it boils – while oil will reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Heat a pot half-full of oil over medium heat for five minutes to ensure the burner reaches its maximum temperature. Insert a frying thermometer into the oil to acquire an exact temperature measurement, then set the flame to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry Cooking Method

Sprinkle a uniform layer of flour on the bottom of a skillet for dry cooking methods. Set the burner’s temperature to medium. If the flour in the pan turns golden brown after five minutes, the burner has attained a temperature of 325 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A lighter tint indicates a lower temperature, while a deeper brown flour indicates that the setting was baked at temperatures higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Repeat the process again and again to reach the final outcome


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