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How To Fix A Pilot Light On A Gas Stove

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pilot light with wire connections in a gas oven

A Gas stoves require a pilot light for the purpose of giving automatic ignition and continue gas on you r gas stovetop. In our previous articles, we have described, what is the importance of a pilot light on a gas stove and how does it work in order to light your gas stove. Considering this, we already have asserted the significance of the pilot light on a gas stove.

However, at some points, due to some reasons which we will discuss here, a pilot light on a gas stove doesn’t work properly. Hence, making it difficult for you to operate your gas stove.

Here we will try to help you how to find the location of your pilot light and fix it alongwith other important relevant answers which may will help you. Keep on reading!

Where exactly is the Gas Pilot Light on a Gas Stove?

Generally, you can find the pilot light on your gas stove beneath the burners, when you look for them at the bottom you can easily spot them at the front. If not, then a flashlight or torch in this regard would be very helpful.

Companies, nowadays, are putting the label ‘pilot light’ next to it, making it feasibly convenient for you to find. However, at some point or instance one cannot find the pilot light. In this instance you can check for the same in your stove’s manual. The manual can guide you where exactly is the pilot light without any toiling of masses.

But, if you also does not have manual, then calling the support or helpline of your stove’s manufacturer is the last option that you should now opt for.

What do I do if my pilot light won’t light?

If the pilot light on your gas stove is not working properly or altogether then it is necessary for you to get it fix from the professional or you can also try it by yourself (but adopt strict precautionary measures).

How to fix a pilot light on a gas stove?

Well the important part comes, now. The below mentioned points will help you understand how to fix a pilot light on gas stove.

Switch of Pilot Light

Starting from the main thing, you should check if the pilot light of your gas stove has either been switched off manually or not. This is one of the silliest reason that can make your life hell for hours and hours.

If it is on, then it’s good to go. Now replace your gas stove to the place from where you have removed it.

Loose Connections or Repositioning

Loose wires, tubes and other parts can also be a problem and may requiring replacing in some instances.

If you think that your gas stove doesn’t have loose wires then you may wrong. These loose connections occurs at the time of shifting, installation or for other different reasons that we can’t even image.

So, to make sure check for the loose wires in your gas stove.

Loose connections may happen during moving or installations or for a host of other reasons. 

Checking Thermocouple:

Thermocouple also plays key role in the proper function of pilot lights and keeping them stay alight.

It can be described as an thermoelectric temperature measurement device made up of two wires of different metals joined at two places, with a voltage created between the two junctions proportional to the temperature difference.

So, in consideration of its important check whether the thermocouple in your gas stove is clogged with dirt or not. If it is, then clean it and then relight pilot light.

At some points, thermocouple might needs to be replaced due to wearing out over time. So you should also consider this option too.

Adjust Uneven Flame

You may need to adjust the flame if your pilot light is flickering and dim. Find the screw for your pilot that will allow you to regulate the flame strength.

If the pilot light is yellow instead of blue, the temperature is incorrect. It may potentially be delivering an incorrect signal to the thermocouple. This will also necessitate regulating the flame.

Clogged off Dirt

Food spillages and food debris get accumulated and stuck on the tip of your pilot light and may clog it.

Cleaning the pilot gas stove does also help you to increase low flame on a gas stove.

blue pilot light with a black background

How do you Clean a Pilot Light on a gas stovetop:

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to clean your gas stove’s pilot light and relighting it with the good amount of gas combustion:

  1. Turn off your furnace’s gas supply. A master valve should be located near your furnace.
  2. Turn it off and wait for the gas to disperse for a few minutes.
  3. Remove the thermocouple and pilot light assembly. When you open the furnace door, you should notice a little bracket that holds the pilot light and thermocouple. Older versions require the entire assembly to be removed, however subsequent models may be removed individually.
  4. Remove the pilot light and thermocouple from the bracket with pliers or a wrench.
  5. Brush away the carbon buildup and soot from both components with the wire brush.
  6. Use the metal file for difficult-to-reach spots and tenacious buildup.
  7. Dust can be removed using a soft cloth or a burst of compressed air.
  8. Replace the assembly and return both components to the bracket.
  9. Examine the pilot light.

Relighting Pilot Light on your Gas stove

After attempting all the steps mentioned above, you should try to be cautious when it comes to relighting your gas stove because if the furnace still won’t ignite after you’ve switched on the gas supply, or if you smell gas leaking out, turn off the valve and call a repairman, since the problem is elsewhere and will necessitate additional investigation.

Why Gas Stove Pilot Light Always On?

The pilot light on a gas stove is constantly on because the flame must be ignited and available.

Is It Dangerous If The Pilot Light Goes Out On Stove?

It is dangerous if the pilot light on a gas stove or fireplace goes out. As a consequence, you should probably replace your gas fireplace or stove with a new one that does not use a pilot light.

Wrapping up

So for wrapping the article here, the pilot light on a gas stove can be fixed out by yourself easily by following the tips as mentioned above. However, even after doing so, you couldn’t find the right possible solution, then we’d recommend you call a professional or expert.

Also you can tell us by commenting below and we will try to answer your query in your best possible interest.

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