Updated: July 27, 2022

How to Clean Gas Stove Knobs | A Detailed Guide

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Timothy Spencer
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Brian Dean
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Josh Reynolds
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a picture of different kinds and colors of gas stove knobs made of plastic and metal

How to Clean Gas Stove Knobs

The gas stove knobs play a keen role in utilizing a gas cooktop or gas range. Being used on daily basis, sometimes they can get eroded out due to getting clogged with dirt or debris.

Resultantly, this clogging won’t let you rotate the knob easily. But not only this, a jammed gas stove knob has a lot more adversities, which requires your immediate attention.

Don’t you worry I’m here to help you. In this guide, I’ll be discussing how to clean your gas stove knobs, why it’s repairing is a good idea and when you should remove or replace your gas stove knobs.

Moreover, you can clean your gas stove knobs only with the available material at home.

Items Required:

To clean gas stove knobs you’ll be needing:

  • White Vinegar (3 to 4 cups)
  • Water
  • Bowl (Large enough to contain stove knobs)
  • Sponge
  • Towel

Step-1 Remove The Knobs:

The first step is to pull out all the knobs and put them into the bowl. Pulling the gas stove knobs is very easy just apply a little pressure and tug the knob towards your position while rotating in circular motion.

Step-2 Soak the Knobs:

Put the knobs into the white bowl and fill it with white vinegar and water. Let the knobs site for a 30 minutes so that they can soak white vinegar.

Step-3 Soak the Knobs:

In the meanwhile, clean the area of your gas stove knob with the help of mixture of white vinegar and water. Spray the mixture on it and clean it gently.

Step-4 Scrub The Knobs:

Now get the sponge and clean the knobs with it. Make sure to cover all the area and any kind of stain, grease or grime that is stuck on its surface.

Important Point:    If the knobs have stains or grime crusted on them for a very long time, then it won’t be taken off completely only by white vinegar. Here, Baking Soda will come to rescue you. Just sprinkle the little amount of baking soda on your sponge and clean it thoroughly.

Step-5 Dry the Knobs:

Now rinse the gas stove knobs under water with any kind of dish soap. Let the knobs dry completely!

Once the knobs are dry place them back onto your gas cooktop / stove.

Words of Wisdom:        Cleaning your gas stove’s knobs includes cleaning the underneath part of your cooktop. Hence, you should try to give as much attention as possible to avoid any mishap otherwise you have to replace knobs, which can be expensive.


Why do stove knobs need cleaning?

The gas stove knobs are THE DIRTIEST thing in your kitchen. How?

  1. When you are cooking, your hands are filled with cooking ingredients; you use your gas stove’s knobs with these hands.
  2. Wait that’s not it! Since, the cooktop/gas stove is in kitchen, hence the knobs on gas stove can also get coated with oil and other food bits.
  3. Food spillage, debris and other items can be get inside of your gas stove knob and make it either jammed or tight, making it difficult for you to use it.
  4. Cleaning gas stove knobs regularly can also help in preventing cross-contamination of foods with germs.

The reasons do not stop here, these are plethora of reasons to keep you cautious about your gas stove knobs’ cleanliness as it correlates directly to your hygiene.

How often should I clean my stove knobs?

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may have an idea that I somewhat am a scientist myself (to the extent of gas stoves).

Therefore, I advise people to clean their gas stove knobs every once in a week, this can not only help in preventing build-up of debris, grease, grime crust and rust into your gas stove knobs but it also helps in utilizing your cooktop way more easily and efficiently.

However, at times, just like you many neglect this fact and ignores gas stove knobs when cleaning their gas cooktop, which, according to me, is the BIGGEST MISTAKE!

But doesn’t regular cleaning will loosen the knobs!

If your gas cooktop/stove have removable knobs then you shouldn’t be taking them off regularly, rather clean your gas stove knobs every once in a week as asserted above.

But my gas stove knobs are not getting removed, how do I clean them?

Well at some points the knobs can get stuck making it hard for you to remove them. This is mainly due to not getting removed for a very long time, they become stuck in their position.

Wrap a flexible wire around it and pull it up with slight pressure on it. Moreover, you can also apply machine oil on gas stove knobs to loosen them.

Moreover, even after doing this your gas stove’s knobs are not getting removed then contact with the manufacturer of your stove and ask them whether your cooktop model has removable knobs or not.

Are gas stove knobs universal?

No, gas stove knobs are not universal, they vary from models, types and its manufacturing years.

How to clean non removable gas stove knobs?


So, with the help of above mentioned guide, you can easily clean the gas stove knobs by yourself with the material available in your home.

However, if you still have any kind of question regarding the subject you can ask it in comments below or can contact us at our support page.

We’d be more than happy to help.

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