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How much weight can a glass top stove hold

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Glass stove tops are beautiful, stylish and add finesse to your kitchen. But not only are they marvelous, but the glass stove tops are also durable and sturdy.

However, everything comes with a limit, and just like that, there is a question that should be answered here about the maximum capacity a glass stove top can hold a certain amount of weight.

This is the question that you should know the answer to, why? Because, if you have a glass stove top with a crack or hairline in it, then it’ll make things worse rather than looking ravishing.

Famous manufacturers like GE Appliances, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc. after conducting tons of experiments to test and ascertain the weight holding capacity of glass stove tops have concluded that:

Key Highlights

Gas range and cooktop glass cooking surfaces are tested for a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds

Pressure more than this limit will result in cracking or chirping of the glass stove top. Therefore, the limit of 50 lb. must not be pushed.

If you apply extra pressure on the glass stove top. At some times, on the glass stove top, then, the added tension may not be visible at first, but it will eventually cause the plate to break.

Before adding extra weight to your glass stove top, try to get rid of whatever you aren’t utilizing.

The glass stove top is sturdy but too much weight can damage it. Hence, the excess heat and weight can become a bad combination. Therefore, try to maintain a balance between these two.


Case Study (Profound Research Conducted):

The case study is comprised of the experiments conducted by GE Appliances upon their cooktops to check the strength and toughness of their glass stove top and to ascertain whether it meets the UL (Underwriter Laboratory) requirements or not.

UL Experiment:

In this experiment, a 2” steel ball weighing 1.18 pounds was dropped on a glass cooktop from a distance of 2”. This UL impact test was conducted to check the same pressure a glass stove bears when you drop a can of soup (12 oz) on it from a distance of at least 31” and dropping a can of corn weighing about 4 oz or 1 lb. from a distance of 19”

The heights were intended to imitate an object being grabbed from cupboards above the stove and slipping from a hand.


Upon the results of these experiments, it was concluded that the glass stove top can weigh up to 50 lb.

Based on Other’s Experience

Well, the above-narrated stance was based on the experiments conducted by the brands. But what about the people who have already contracted with getting chirping on their glass stove top?

People have already conducted their probe into the matter to save your time and here it will be discussed in detail.

Many have shared that approx. 50 pounds is a vague figure and needs further clarification.

Some people suggested putting 20 qt (US Liquid Quart) almost 41 lb. stockpot upon your glass stove top to avoid getting cracked on it.

This suggestion was made by a person who contacted Thermador for guidance in this regard and told them that she is going to put a weight of 21 qt pot on it and the support team gave her to go-ahead. After putting the said weight on the glass stove top, she checked for any crack or chirp and there was nothing.

This means you can put up to 50 lb. on your glass stove top.

If there is any other confusion you have in mind, then you can contact the support team of your stove’s manufacturer.

Relevant FAQs

How to Prevent Glass Stove Top from shattering?

Because glass top stoves are valuable, you should take care of them properly. There are some items that you should avoid using on your glass stove top.

Items to Avoid:

Cast Iron Skillet:

Cast iron skillets are wonderful for steaks but they are extremely heavy and difficult to handle and can also possibly break your cooktop’s glass surface if you mishandle them on the glass stove top. If necessary, they should be used with extra vigilance.

Abrasive Cleaners:

Any kind of commercial or abrasive cleaning agent should not be used on your glass stove top to sustain its durability. They can hurt the longevity of your cooktop’s glass surface and their chemicals can damage the stovetop severely. You can use baking soda or SOS pads instead.

Dutch Oven:

Known for their thick and heavy material, Dutch ovens are an excellent choice for cooking. But on glass stove tops they should not be used because of their weight.


We will try to abstain you from using any kind of canner on your glass stovetop. Because of its functioning, a canner suction can try to pull two parts away from each other, which can lead to a crack on the surface.

Scrubbing with Rough Sponge or Scour

Use a sponge or scour that is of good quality and does not have a rough texture.

Cleaning Hot Glass top Gas stove

Cleaning a hot glass top gas stove is never a good option and it goes without saying that you should wait for it to cool down.

How are glass stove tops manufactured?

Glass ceramics are typically manufactured in two steps:

  • Glass is made first by a glass-manufacturing process, and then it is cooled.
  • The glass is then subjected to a regulated heat treatment regimen. The glass partially crystallizes during this heat treatment.

Do Glass Top Stoves Break Easily?

Glass top stoves are sturdy and manufactured with great care. However, if you exceed the limit of putting weight on it, then it will definitely break, sometimes at the time of putting the weight instantly and occasionally after the lapse of some time.

Can You Use Heavy Pots On Glass Top Stoves?

You can put heavy weight on the glass top stove but only with great caution and under the instruction and guidelines provided in the manual of your gas stove or as mentioned above, otherwise, the surface of your gas stove top will get dents or cracks.

What Can I use to Clean Glass Stove Top?

Baking soda with vinegar and a damp cloth can be helpful for cleaning your glass stove top. Mix the baking soda with vinegar and make a solution, let it rest. Pour a little bit of hot water on your glass stove and then apply the paste. Let the paste rest on the surface of your glass stove top.

Clean it with a damp cloth and then use a microfiber cloth for finishing.

glass top gas stove

Can SOS Pads Be Used on Glass Stove Top?

SOS pads can be used on a glass stove top. Simply set the pads on the cooking surface and heat until they begin to generate a low-level sound. This will allow you to speak with someone who has gotten stuck or lost.

Can Vinegar Be Used On Glass Top Stoves?

Yes, you can use vinegar on glass-top stovetops. Vinegar can aid in the removal of fingerprints and other debris from cooktop surfaces. Furthermore, vinegar can help preserve surfaces from stains caused by cooking on the cooktop.

What Can make a Glass stove top explode?

When you do not follow the instructions of putting too much weight on your glass stove top then the heat is trapped between its lid and glass surface, forming a strong vacuum seal. Resultantly, your cooktop shatters into pieces.

Point to Ponder:                                Do not worry that much, the explosion stories of glass on the stovetop are very rare. However, take precautionary measures are still advised.

Do Glass Top Stoves Break Easily?

Excess to everything is bad!

With that being said and in consideration of the above narration, you, yourself can easily comprehend whether glass top stoves break easily or not.

If we use them as per their description then there is nothing wrong.

What Is The Difference Between Glass And Ceramic Cooktops?

Glass Cooktop

Ceramic Cooktop


Budget Friendly

More Durable

Less Durable

Cannot Resist Heat after prescribed Temperature

Heat Resistant

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Glass Stove Top?

The cost of replacing a glass stove top will vary depending on the size of the stovetop, the type of glass, the make and model of the stovetop, and the type of stovetop cover. However, a typical replacement cost for a glass stove top range around $150-$600 on average.


Glass top stoves is sturdy in nature but can be ruined by abuse. If the top is not properly maintained, it can crack, or even shatter, and release harmful chemicals that can cause fire or other damage.

External Sources:

GE Appliances

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