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Gas Smell In Cabinet Under Cooktop

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Gas Smell from Cabinets

Have you ever been contacted with the unwanted gas smell under your gas cooktop? If so, then it is a bad omen for you. The gas smell in cabinet under your cooktop is a very dangerous thing and you should not try to be a hero and check it on your own.

Key Highlights

The gas smell in cabinet under your cooktop is lethal and if you contracted this then the first thing you should do is:

  • Stop using your gas cooktop immediately
  • Evacuate your home
  • Immediately call the local authorities or 911
  • Do not try to turn on the exhaust fan, ventilator, etc.
  • Do not try to find the loose connection in your gas stove’s pipe

So clearly there are some do’s and don’ts that you should consider in the subject matter.

If you still want to know whether this information is based on logical and authentic reasons or not, then keep reading to find out the case studies in this regard.

Our Experience based Case Study:

This is our experience particularly related to the subject matter which should be discussed here to help you ascertain the answer more efficiently

What the customer said:

The customer called and told that he had installed a new LPG cooktop recently, and it is situated on a kitchen bench having a cupboard underneath.

Whenever he turns the cooktop on, he smells gas from the cupboard doors and it only happens when the gas cooktop is operational.

He asked if it is normal or not.

What we found:

We abstained him from using his gas cooktop any further until we arrive at the scene. Upon arriving, his cooktop was checked and indeed there was leaking from the appliance. The pressure was a little higher so we turned down the gas regulator.

The plumber that installed it did not install an inline shut-off valve, which caused this hysteria.

So, we rectified his cooktop and asked him to check it the next day in the morning and tell us.

He checked the next morning and conveyed that everything is now fine.

Case Study Based on Other’s Experience:

This is not our case study but was shared on a forum community. The person said that his friend had a faint gas smell coming from his stove’s underneath the cabinet and he ignored it.

After the span of 9 months, his new neighbors arrived and when they started their oven the wall between both apartments blew up.

Why did that happen?

That happen because the gas was building up there over time, the smell was the indicator of something wrong but the person was neglecting it, his callous negligence was the reason that attributed to this adverse situation.

However, luckily no one was injured but it gave us a remarkable precedent of things that we should stay alert of.

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Preventive Measure for Gas Leak:

Regular Checkup:

Make sure you got your cooktop got checked by the plumber every once a month or three months to ensure there is no problem concerning gas leakage with your kitchen appliance to avoid any catastrophe.

Use a Gas Detector:

There are many gas detectors that can be bought online from Amazon or any other shop. Sensors are used by these gas sniffers to calculate the concentration of individual gas in the air. When a chemical reaction brought on by a particular gas takes place, the sensor acts as a scale and reference point and produces a quantifiable electric current. Hence, they can be good to have.

Relevant FAQs

Why should you consider it dangerous?

Well, the gas smell underneath your cooktop is dangerous. It could be the result of accidentally leaving your gas stove on or due to the uneven gas flames on your cooktop or malfunctioned gas regulator etc. But most importantly, you shouldn’t try to get an idea to find any reason or clue why it is happening, if you feel the symptoms of gas leakage, then immediately evacuate your home and call authorities.

The smell is there to give you a warning of the dangers ahead. Stoves powered by natural gas and propane have the potential to generate dangerous airborne contaminants like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide that are poisonous to both people and animals.

What could be the reason for gas leakage?

Well, that could be a debate, the reasons for the leaking of gas are plethora but to give you an idea it can be described:

  • Not Properly Adjusted Burners
  • Loose Gas Regulator
  • Loose Gas Pipe
  • Residue accumulation
  • Damage to gas line

What should I Do if I smell gas in the cabinet under the cooktop?

You should leave the home and contact the gas company if the scent was coming from the kitchen. After an uncontrolled gas leak, people got their homes fully destroyed which also damaged the neighborhood too.

Furthermore, when you step outdoors and the gas smell is still present, it would be better to call 911 (or 999 in Britain) and leave the area.

Is the smell of gas in a cupboard normal?

No, it’s not, and you shouldn’t consider it normal regardless of whatever anyone says to you. If you smell gas from your cupboard give attention to it immediately.

Remember, the gas that you smell is called ‘Staunch’. The Carbon Monoxide itself does not have any odor, the staunch is mixed to help you determine if your gas cooktop is leaking gas or not.

So if you smell gas in from your cupboard, then it is definitely not normal.

What Does A Gas Leak Smell Like?

As per the observation, most people describe this smell as something like rotten eggs, sewage, or sulfur.

Should you try to fix it by yourself?

No, you should not try to fix a leakage by yourself if you smell gas from the cabinet under your cooktop as it will result in catastrophic damage. Have a look at this video to get a clear view:



So now that you know everything, you should not try to be a hero and try to fix anything if you smell underneath your cabinet but at the same time, you also should not ignore this smell.

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