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Can Electric Stove Be Converted To Gas

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Timothy Spencer
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If you got fancied by the lavishing and stylish ads and bought electric stove, then you may be now wanting to change your gas stove.

But wait have you already spent too much? Now are you thinking of robbing a bank to buy a new gas stove? 

Hold on! You can easily convert your electric stove into gas stove.

In this regard, all you’ll be needing is an electrician and a licensed plumber.

Electrician Role:

The role of electrician is to change the electrical outlet from 240 volts to 110 volts, behind the stove. That is because every contemporary gas stoves nowadays require electricity.

However, their plugs, by default, can’t fit into 240 volts outlet, hence they must be converted into 110 volts.

Plumber Role:

The role of plumber will require for changing some piping or installation of further gas pipe for gas flow. As he knows how to handle gas lines, they will thoroughly probe for any gas leakage thereon.

It is also pertinent to mention here, as you may or may not have known but every building has codes, in compliance of which the piping should be installed. 

If you are living in your own home then still, gas piping inside it must have to be in compliance of building codes.

For far flung areas or building without gas piping. Plumbers can help you with using propane with the help of conversion kits. You need nothing but permit from county or city in this regard to install the tank and run the gas line.

What Would It Cost To Convert Electric Stove To Gas Stove?

The cost to convert electric stove to a gas stove ranges between $125 and $2,000, depending on a number of factors, and almost all of them will be discussed here.

But why should I convert – The Main Question!

Well there are too many reasons to consider here but let me point out a few so that you can get an idea.


Well gas is cheap as compare to per unit of energy of electricity. Moreover, the prices of gas are constant. However, as compare to that the prices of electric rates fluctuates in the hottest of seasons. Hence, it costs less to cook with gas then with electricity.


Gas stoves are less risky. They get cool down very quickly. Remember, the last thing you’d want in your home is extra heat, particularly in summer.

The burners of gas stoves, comparatively, takes too freakin much time to get cool down and to heat up too. Hence another advantage which can help you avert the risk of fire or any hazardous incident.


Yes! It does cost a hell amount to convert your electric stove to gas stove. But if you look at it this way. It is much much more saving with the passage of time. Hence you can save money.

Power Shut Down:

In far flung areas of USA, people are still observing power shutdowns for many different reasons.

I once got called from group of people working in company in North Dakota, who were eager to convert their electric stoves into gas due to power breakdown.

I provided them with the solution which helped them a little and they changed their stove with the help of a conversion kit.

Electricity power breakdown can becomes an adverse situation in cooking when you have an electric stove.


If you still need any kind of further evidence whether gas stove is good as compare to electrical or not then go to YouTube and check why Chefs are in love with gas stoves.

As we have already asserted here before. Chefs are passionate about gas stoves. 

Because of its instant heating and cooling and precise of heat, the gas stove gives your ability to cook any great recipe, diligently.

But can gas stoves be converted back to electric stove?

Yes, it can! If you are dissatisfied with your gas stove, you may easily convert it back.

You will need to hire experts to make the move back. However, it will again cost you amount. So you should decide it affirm before taking this step. 

Since you already converted to gas stove from electric stove. Hence, you have all necessary components from this initial switch, making it easier you to covert back

But you should keep in mind that it will almost cost you $100 to $300 to call this, depending upon your locality.


So, having a gas line behind the stove is an advantage of switching from an electric to a gas stove overcomes the disadvantages.

But if you don’t have an existing gas line then still it is a good options. As it will certainly compensate the cost of replacing the outlet, extending a gas line, or installing a new gas line via utility savings.

However, if moving to a gas stove necessitates the installation of a new gas service in your house, you must consider the benefits and hazards. 

Consider whether installing a gas connection to your property will add value and whether you can use that gas line for other appliances.

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