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Is it worth getting appliance packages from Homedepot or Lowes?

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Key Highlights

  1. Extended Warranty Benefits: Lowe’s extended warranty is worth it for large purchases, offers 500$ for 5-year and no benefits, 50% off reimbursement for filter replacement costs, and 30% cashback.
  2. Stay Away from Samsung and LG Fridges: Samsung and LG fridges can develop condenser icing problems and may not be worth the extra warranty.
  3. Local Appliance Dealers: Check your local appliance dealers for better prices, and they may have service teams to save you down the road.
  4. Best Buy Price: Best Buy’s prices may be cheaper than Lowe’s or HD.
  5. Lowe’s Credit Card: Get a Lowe’s Credit card and save 10% on all purchases.
  6. Wait for Black Friday Deals: Wait for Black Friday deals to get the best price.
  7. Energy Star Rebates: Check the Energystar website for rebates.
  8. Back Order Delays: Be aware of back order delays in the busy season.
  9. Extended Warranty: Extended warranty may be worth it for the refrigerator, and put the money saved into savings.
  10. Mix and Match Appliances: It is ok to mix and match appliances of different brands as long as they match your house theme.
  11. Military Discount: Lowe’s offer a military discounts.

It is no surprise that appliance packages from Home Depot and Lowes can offer great savings, especially during Black Friday deals. But is it worth it to purchase these packages from these stores, or should you look elsewhere for your appliance needs? In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Home Depot or Lowes appliance packages, as well as other considerations to make when buying appliances.

Advantages of Home Depot and Lowes Appliance Packages

One of the main advantages of purchasing an appliance package from Home Depot or Lowes is the savings you can get from buying multiple appliances. These stores often run Black Friday deals where if you buy two or more appliances, you can get a couple hundred dollars off. Plus, you don’t have to match by brand.

Another advantage of buying appliance packages from Home Depot or Lowes is that their extended warranties are worth it. The extended warranties can cover up to five-years, and come with additional benefits such as 50% off reimbursement for filter replacement costs (which you have to change every six months), and up to 30% cashback if you don’t claim anything in the five-year ownership.

Disadvantages of Home Depot and Lowes Appliance Packages

One of the main disadvantages of purchasing an appliance package from Home Depot or Lowes is the lack of availability of certain models. A lot of the times, certain models or brands are on backorder, so you may have to wait for a few weeks or even months for them to be delivered.

Another disadvantage of purchasing appliance packages from Home Depot or Lowes is their lack of availability of certain brands. For example, if you are looking to purchase a Bosch dishwasher, you may not be able to find the rest of Bosch’s appliances in the store.

Other Considerations When Buying Appliances

When buying appliances, it is important to consider the availability of the model and brand you are looking for. It is also important to consider the warranty options, as well as the pricing at your local appliance stores. Local appliance stores may be able to offer you better deals than the big box stores, so it is worth checking out.

If you are purchasing appliances for a remodel, it may be worth it to consider mixing and matching different brands and models. Most white, black, and stainless appliances look the same across brands, so it is not weird to mix and match these. However, it is important to note that black stainless is not the same color across brands, so if you are looking to mix and match, it is best to stay away from black stainless.

Finally, it is worth checking out EnergyStar rebates, as many utility companies offer small rebates to replace old appliances.


When purchasing appliance packages from Home Depot or Lowes, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. It is important to keep in mind availability of certain models and brands, as well as warranty options and local appliance store pricing. It may also be worth it to consider mixing and matching different brands and models, as well as checking out EnergyStar rebates.

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