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CUSIMAX Hot Plate, 1800W Double Burners, Infrared Cooktop

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CUSIMAX Hot Plate, 1800W Double Burners, Infrared Cooktop Full Specifications

Are you tired of cooking on the same old stove and want to try something new? The CUSIMAX Hot Plate might be just what you need! This 1800W double burner infrared cooktop is a versatile and portable appliance that can be used with any type of cookware in your home. In this blog, we’ll dive into the features of the CUSIMAX Hot Plate and how it can enhance your cooking experience.

CUSIMAX Electric Stove Can Be Used with Any Type of Cookware

One of the standout features of the CUSIMAX Hot Plate is that it can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminium pans, copper pans, cast iron frying pans, and non-magnetic stainless steel pans. This is because the infrared cooktop heats cookware efficiently with minimal heat loss. This means you can save time and energy while cooking your favorite meals. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze – simply wipe with a clean cloth when cool.

Multipurpose Cooktop

The CUSIMAX Electric Cooktop heats efficiently to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables, and so much more. Its heating tube technology is more stable and anti-rust, which means it has improved heat efficiency by 20%. This translates to a longer service life and shorter cooking time. Unlike traditional heating coils, the CUSIMAX Hot Plate is more reliable and efficient.

Mini Size and Portable Design

The CUSIMAX Hot Plate has a timeless stainless steel and crystallite glass design that is compact and flat. This makes it perfect for dorms, studios, RV/caravans, work, camping, everyday use, or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen. Its small and light size makes it easy to use in confined spaces or anywhere you need it. You can take it with you on your next camping trip or use it in your small apartment without taking up too much space.

Powerful and Safe

The infrared ceramic cooktop is powered by 1800W, which heats up food faster than conventional cooking ranges. This makes it perfect for busy weeknights when you want to get dinner on the table quickly. The CUSIMAX Hot Plate has passed ETL Certification, making it durable and safe to use. It has a modern brushed stainless steel housing and non-slip feet for stable cooking. You can rest assured that you are cooking on a safe and reliable appliance.

After-Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is the goal at CUSIMAX. They offer an excellent fan-favorite 18-month promise and friendly customer service. If you have any issues with your CUSIMAX Hot Plate, their customer service team will be available to help you 24/7. Plus, all CUSIMAX products are protected by US Product Liability Insurance, so you can cook with confidence.

In conclusion

The CUSIMAX Hot Plate is a versatile and portable appliance that can enhance your cooking experience. It can be used with any type of cookware, heats up quickly, and is safe to use. Its compact and flat design makes it perfect for small spaces or on-the-go cooking. Plus, with an 18-month promise and friendly customer service team, you can trust CUSIMAX to provide a reliable and satisfying cooking experience.

cooktop brands: CUSIMAX

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The CUSIMAX Cooking Stove is an innovative and efficient cooking stove that is equipped with powerful infrared burners. Its efficient design allows it to quickly reach desired temperatures, and its temperature control knobs let you adjust the heat to your desired level. Its stainless steel construction and heavy duty cast iron grates make it a durable and long-lasting appliance. It also features a convenient timer and an auto shut-off feature that prevents it from overheating. It is also portable and easy to clean, making it a great choice for any kitchen.

cooktop types: Induction

? Click here to See More Cooktops In cooktop types: Induction

Induction cooktops are an increasingly popular style of stovetop. They use electricity to generate a magnetic field between the cooktop and a pot or pan, which then heats the food inside. This type of stovetop is energy efficient, fast-heating, and easy to use.
Benefits of Induction Cooktops:
Induction cooktops have several advantages over traditional electric and gas cooktops. They are more energy efficient, as they heat up quickly and the heat is only transferred to the pot or pan, not the surrounding air. This makes them safer to use, as the cooking surface remains cool to the touch. Additionally, they are easy to clean, as there are no open flames or hot coils to worry about.

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