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How To Install A Gas Cooktop In An Island

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A kitchen island with a stove provides a one-stop solution. A kitchen range combines a cooktop and an oven into a single device. You may establish a concentrated spot for cooking, baking, roasting, or otherwise preparing meals for your family by placing a range in your kitchen island.


In this article we will help you install a gas cooktop in an island. This step by step guide is drafted in order to help you save time, money and effort. Keep reading to find out more!

Materials Needed:

The tools you are going to need for this project are:

  • Two crescent wrenches
  • Pipe Seal (Teflon)
  • A scraper or a blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Gas Pipe Fitting Connection (New)

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Clearing the Rear Area:

First thing we have to do take out the things that are installed beneath your gas cooktop which could drawers or something like that so that you can have the clear view while conducting your work.

Disconnecting the Gas Line Safety:

You have to pull the plugs out of your gas cooktop because of the safety measures and turn off the gas from the gas valve (by turning it 90 degrees).

Put on Regulator:

Now you have to put the regulator on with the help of the pipe sealing. 

Connector on Regulator:

Now put the connector on the regulator for inserting gas pipe inside of your cooktop. For this purpose, apply the sealing all over it and then put it on.

Installing the Gas Pipe:

Install the gas pipe on the connector and screw it firmly. Once done, test it by pulling and checking for any loose ends to make sure it fits.

Putting it on the Island:

Now put it on the island carefully and check if the gas cooktop fits down easily or not. If it does fits down, you are good to go.

Getting the straps on:

Now, that it does fit, take it off and put the straps on, with the help of screwdriver, on the back side of the gas cooktop.


Fit the gas cooktop on the island and then connect its pipe with the main connector. After that check it with a lighter or a match if the gas is leaking or not before plugging it on. You can also check it with gas leak detectors fluids which comes with the gas cooktops. Apply this fluid all over your gas pipe.

Putting Burners on:

Take off all the packing and then putt the burners, burner heads and stove grates on before checking its flame.

Screwing the Strap:

Screw the strap that you have put on, at the vertical side of your gas cooktop, at the back wall of your kitchen island, it will provide the firmness and strength to your gas stove and help it avoid any kind of slipping at the time of cooking. 


Now turn on your gas cooktop, if the flames are good and in blue color then it means that the installation have been successful.


Now, put the silicone on your gas cooktop over the side premiers for giving it further adherence, and BOOM you are done!

kitchen island

Can I install a gas cooktop myself?

Yes, you can easily install the gas cooktop by yourself, the above mentioned method is the most suitable and convenient in this regard and it will help you avoid the cost of installation which could occur if you hire a professional.

How much does it cost to install a gas cooktop?

Well, it depends upon your choice. Means if you install by yourself, it will only cost you the price of your new gas cooktop i.e. which will range from $400 to $1000 depending upon your choice and priorities.

However, if you ought to hire a professional, it will cost you extra $75. Furthermore, if you have an old cooktop installed already and wanted to get it removed then wit will cost you another $75.

Benefits of installing a gas cooktop on an island

Below are the some key benefits which you should consider if you thinking to install a gas cooktop on kitchen island


A kitchen range combines a cooktop and an oven into a single device. You may establish a concentrated spot for cooking, baking, roasting, or otherwise preparing meals for your family by placing a range in your kitchen island. If you're upgrading an old kitchen island stove or installing a new one, you can also use this chance to look for ranges with features that will make cooking and baking even simpler.

Most kitchen countertops and cabinets are set around the perimeter of the room to maximize space. Installing a range in your island provides you with additional counter and cabinet space along this perimeter, which may be handy for food preparation and storage.

Cooking in one pot:

Kitchen islands with stoves, as opposed to separate cooktop/wall oven configurations, enabling you to execute various culinary activities in a single location. This is not only convenient, but it is also an ideal setup for single cooking. If you are a one-person home, having a kitchen island with an oven and cooktop in one location avoids the need to trek back and forth between a cooktop and a wall oven. This also helps you to optimize your working triangle by keeping it as simple as possible.

Easier socializing:

Having a stove around the perimeter of your kitchen requires you to turn away from family and friends when cooking. If you want to entertain (or simply catch up with your family while cooking), a kitchen island with a range allows you to speak while preparing family favorites. If your island contains seats, this design is extremely beneficial.

Less expensive:

While appliance prices vary, in general, ranges are less expensive than separate cooktop/wall oven setups. Ranges eliminate the need to buy and install two separate appliances since they combine a cooktop and an oven into a single device.

Wrapping up:

So if you are considering of installing a gas cooktop on your kitchen island, there is nothing you should worry for if you already are using a gas stove.

Moreover if you are worried how to install your gas cooktop then feel free this guide will help you to achieve your task efficiently.

If you still have any question feel free to ask us at our support panel or by commenting below, we will be honored to help you in this regard.

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