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How to clean Frigidaire gas stove top

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A new Frigidaire gas cooktop is an important purchase when thinking of using it for a long period of time. Which is why you want to preserve the longevity of your gas cooktop.

Although cleaning a Frigidaire gas cooktop is very simple, using the improper cleaning products can badly harm the appliance. 

You may be tempted to buy plenty of cleaning tools, but when it comes to cleaning Frigidaire gas stove top parts, less is more.

See where I’m getting at, no?

Here in this comprehensive guide you will find all the answers to the most asked questions related to Frigidaire gas cooktop/stovetop.

Steps to Cleaning Frigidaire gas cooktop:

Make sure stove is switched off before you begin cleaning your Frigidaire gas stove i.e. gas and electricity. Neglecting this and you’d risk being burnt while cleaning surface burners or damaging other stovetop components. 

Ouch that hurts!

Pertinently, you should clean the cooktop on a regular basis to extend the life of your gas range and avoid Frigidaire self-cleaning cooktop difficulties.

But regular means once a month or week, not everyday, duh!

Never use abrasive cleansers on the stove, and always clean it with a moist cloth. Use hot, soapy water for routine cleaning, and for larger stains, pour liquid detergent to the stain and let it soak for 30 to 60 minutes. Dry the cooktop after wiping it clean.

Well, now it is time to go a little deeper into the matter.

Starting with Grates & Cap

Make sure the Frigidaire gas stove’s burner grates are cool before you commence to cleaning.

Well, as per Frigidaire’s official website and YouTube channel, they have asserted to use nonabrasive plastic scrubbing pad and minimally abrasive detergent 

You shouldn’t leave food or oil on your grates since this can cause the finishing of your cleaning to deteriorate. After each cleaning, immediately dry the grates.

Cool down the Frigidaire gas stove top burner caps before cleaning them. Use a plastic cleaning pad or an absorbent towel to clean the caps. 

When cleaning the burner caps, be sure to thoroughly wipe the bottom of the cap as well, as debris and food might become trapped there.

Going on to Surface Burner Heads

The burner heads and slot are another location that must be cleaned. Keeping these regions clean, according to the user handbook for a Frigidaire self-cleaning cooktop can guarantees optimal gas flow.

To clean burner heads, remove the cap and try to clean surface with a moist towel or damp cloth, where the food has been stuck.

A toothbrush or any other tiny gentle exfoliating brush can also be used to clean the burner slots. But as narrated above, the moist towel or damp cloth can be very lucrative for removing any food particle or stubborn stains. 

Through the Burner Head Ignition Ports

Check for any obstructions in the ignition ports of your Frigidaire gas cooktop before cleaning them. If you’re having ignition issues, it’s probable that the porthole is clogged. 

Keep the burner head in place while clearing out the ignition port using a thin wire or the end of a paper clip, according to the Frigidaire manual.

Knobs and controls should be thoroughly cleaned

Remove and clean the control knobs on your stove for a more thorough cleaning. Remove the control knobs and wash them in warm, soapy water.

Do not wet or scrape the knobs with an abrasive cleaning. Allow the knobs to air dry after rinsing them.

The control area should then be wiped off using a moist towel. Replace the knobs once they have completely dried.

Examine your instruction handbook.

Yes, it’s not the most interesting reading you’ll ever do, but you should be aware of what the manufacturer suggests or may not recommend, for cleaning. 

Furthermore, failing to follow their recommendations may nullify the warranty. If you can’t find your book, look for it online by model number; that information is normally on a label on the oven door or another concealed area, such as inside the storage drawer.

Considerations for Safety:

While cleaning the stovetop, cross check the settings to ensure if the gas is turned off. 

Do not try to push the control knobs or press them inside while cleaning them as it may accidentally move the knobs from their original position or can cause damage to them, resulting into buying new ones.

Allow all stove parts to cool completely before cleaning them. On the stovetop, avoid using abrasive cleansers or oven cleaners since they might harm the finish.

How can I clean the grates on Frigidaire gas stovetop/cooktop?

Follow these instructions if you have cast iron grates:

  • Dishwasher-clean the grates.
  • Apply a small coating of cooking oil to the grates.
  • Bake the grates for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have porcelain-coated grates, just put them in the dishwasher and after cleaning, treat any unfinished parts with a light layer of cooking oil.

How can I use Dawn and baking soda to clean my Frigidaire gas stove top?

To clean your stove top using Dawn and baking soda, combine quarter cup Dawn dish soap and half cup baking soda in a mixing bowl. 

Scrub the solution onto the Frigidaire gas stovetop and let it rest down for a few minutes. 

Rinse your Frigidaire gas cooktop with warm water before wiping it clean. 

What can I use to clean a Frigidaire stove top?

A damp cloth with soapy hot water for small stains.

For stubborn stains you can use different kind of liquid detergents which are specifically created for cleaning stubborn stains from surfaces.

* Again – Do not use abrasive cleaners on your gas cooktop

How do you lift Frigidaire gas cooktop?

  1. Take off the burner grates & Cap
  2. Take off the glue from the sides, with the help of a cutter, of your cooktop which is adhering it to the surface
  3. Take the drawer or oven out from the beneath surface of your gas cooktop.
  4. Take the screws off from the gas cooktop which are on the opposite side of your Frigidaire gas cooktop.
  5. Gently push up the Gas cooktop from the space where your drawer or oven was.
  6. If it was not getting removed then it may because either the screws or the glue is still on.

How to Clean a Greasy Frigidaire gas Stovetop?

On the stovetop, spread a thin coating of baking soda. Cut a lemon in half and massage the cut side in a circular motion on the burner. Baking soda, which is somewhat abrasive, and lemon juice, which is naturally degreasing, will combine to make a scrubbing paste. Scrub until the grease can be removed using a moist sponge or towel.


So this was my guide to help you maintain your Frigidaire gas stove / cooktop and handle it efficiently. Even though I have tried to summarize many of the answers here, I still knows that there is so much working to do.

In this regard, if you help me it would be an honor. By help I mean to add further questions or your thoughts so that it may be lucrative for upcoming audience.


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