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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Gas Stove Burner

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Cost to Fix a Gas Stove Burner

A sudden mishap where your gas stove stopped working or working poorly is as frustrating as one can imagine. But not only this, but it is also a frightening moment too, considering the amount you now have to spend on its repairing.

With that being said, we are here to demystify how much it costs to fix your gas burner and what other factors you should be considered before proceeding.

Key Highlights

The cost to fix a gas stove burner is $100 to $400 approximately. The range is wide, but the exact prices cannot be described as it depends upon various factors i.e.

  • Your locality (cities vs rural)
  • Required spare parts
  • Measuring the extent of damage
  • Cost of the Gas burner (if a replacement becomes inevitable)
  • Cost of repairman or plumber.

Labor and Materials

Now, when you call the repair services they will ask you to deposit a fee of $50 to $100 before coming to evaluate the problem. You have to ensure that the deposited fee is included in the final bill.

On average, the professional charges up to $50 to $100 per hour also. Some service companies charge a higher rate for the first hour and then decrease rates subsequently to almost $30 per hour.

Even if you get a gas stove burner replaced, the burner will only cost you $50 to $100 with an output of 0-20 PSI regulator and capability of 2,00,000 BTU.

When the Gas Stove Burner requires fixing

We only think that we should call for a plumber or professional when the gas stove burner will not light, but that is not the case. A regular probe into your kitchen appliance can save you time, effort, and money.

Significant Considerations for Fixing Gas Stove Burner

There are some vital points that you think you ought to know in the subject matter as it will help in saving your money and time.


For repairing a gas stove burner a permit is not required. So, any person with relevant expertise can perform this task.


Is your gas cooktop/stove under warranty? If so, then don’t call anyone except your stove’s manufacturing company and claim its warranty.

Otherwise, your appliance’s warranty becomes null & void and you couldn’t get it repaired by the company’s expert team.

Point to ponder:  A gas stove’s warranty is extended up to 10 years to 15 years.

Repairing Yourself:

Repairing your gas stove burner is not something DIY and you should not try to do it. It requires the expertise of an experienced technician, with previous knowledge of determining the safety and hazard risks in order to avoid any adverse situation.


That is not that much important to have a gas stove burner repaired by a professional who is certified. However, it is always the best approach.


As asserted above, some repair services require you to deposit a fee before proceeding further. But there are also some scammers who show that their charges are low but there are hidden charges that can get you in trouble.

To avoid this,

  • Never hire a plumber from far-flung areas
  • Never hire from uncertified, suspicious websites
  • Always check from the best technicians on Yelp, Trust Pilot, etc.

Looking for Spare Parts

The spare parts for fixing your gas stove burner can easily be found from online stores like Amazon, Etsy, or from local stores. No matter how vintage your gas stove is, if the company of your stove is still functioning, then you can find the parts easily.

However, finding parts for some brands like Bosch or any other European Brands, in particular, is difficult.

Therefore, it is better to call your gas stove’s manufacturer and buy the spare parts directly from them

Relevant FAQs

Is it worth fixing my stove’s burner?

Well, you have to decide whether the cost incurred in repairing your gas stove’s burner is justifiable or not. Moreover, the cost to purchase a new cooktop can be $100 to $300 excluding installation costs.

How much does it cost to replace a burner?

Replacement and repair of your gas stove’s burner cost almost the same. Because, in both cases hiring a professional is almost mandatory and as stated above, the repairman cost $50 per hour and it could take him at least two hours to do the repair the cost to buy a new burner is $80. Hence the cost to replace and repair a gas stove burner cost about $150 to $300

So, there is no big difference, therefore, you should get your stove’s burner replaced.

When should I replace my gas stove burner?

The stoves are very durable and long-lasting. However due to debris or clogged food they, sometimes, do not perform efficiently.

If your cooktop is not working properly then the first thing you should do is ‘Clean it Properly’. When after cleaning it is not working properly, then the burner must have to be replaced or repaired.


Now that in the end, it is asserted again to get your gas stove repaired by a professional. It is also advised to get your gas stove’s burner replaced rather than getting repaired as it costs almost the same.

Furthermore, if you have never done any kind of DIY with regard to changing any part of your cooktop then stay abstained from it.

Before calling anyone for repair, the first thing you should do is clean your stove’s burner to ensure if it is clogged or not.

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