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Frigidaire gas stove troubleshooting

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Timothy Spencer
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If you have a Frigidaire gas stove, then you certainly know how convenient it can be cooking with them. As the brand itself is the most reputed company out there and comes with handful of advantages. 

Hence, people tends to go for it because of the best features like instant heat, long term cost saving and on top of all that the capability to continue cooking even after the power breakdown.

However, nothing is perfect and just like that there are some flaws with Frigidaire Gas Cooktop which occurs with the passage of time. 

Frigidaire Burners are one of the top most reason in this regard which can cause problems for its handles. At the time of igniting your gas stove’s burners, sometime they won’t light, regardless of your struggling and fighting with the knob.

In view thereof, I have tried to summarize the most common problems and how to diagnose them by yourself.

Common problems with Frigidaire gas cooktop – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

So here are some of the common problems and how to fix them in your Frigidaire gas cooktop.

Power Connection:

Starting from the very beginning, if your gas stove’s igniter is not working at all then before hassling around, try to check power connection of your gas stove.

Many times you may have observed that your gas cooktop is not igniting up and it may be annoying for you. Well, that could be the reason.


  • Plug your gas cooktop into different power sockets or try testing different switches with a multimeter.
  • Check that the stove is correctly plugged into a working outlet.
  • To power your stove, avoid using extension cables. They are unable to securely transfer the amount of electricity required for the stove to function.

Check Gas Supply:

Frigidaire Cooktops are generally equipped with automatic gas valve which helps its users to turn on or off the gas supply when they feel necessary.

This is to ensure that you do not happen to contract any mishap in future relates to natural gas.

If your Frigidaire’s flames are not proper then you may follow the below mentioned steps for troubleshooting


  • Locate your stove’s gas valve and try to turn it off or on.
  • If you feel/observe that your gas valve is either very loose or very tight then you should get it replaced.

Faulty Igniter:

This is generally the most commonly occurring defect in the gas cooktops and particularly in Frigidaire (from the experience of other and not mine).

As you know, the igniters are responsible to ignite the burners on a cooktop. An igniter is a bridge between electricity and gas, which allows gas into burners by lighting it up through electricity.

If your gas cooktop is not burning even after checking power and gas supply then it may be because of the faulty igniters.


  • Check it with multimeter if you suspect this is the case. Then change the igniter.
  • If problem still prevails, then igniters needs replacing. 

Clean Burner:

Some of the most typical causes of a Frigidaire stove burner not lighting include accumulated debris, grease, and food particles. 

These remnants of cooking can accumulate and block burner components, preventing them from igniting.

Therefore, regular maintenance of your Frigidaire gas cooktop is necessary which involves cleaning the burners and their components thoroughly.


All you got to do is just clean the burners on your Frigidaire Cooktop. If you want a detailed guide on this then check at the bottom of this article.

Elegant firigidaire

Replace the Broken Igniter

Well, if you tried all of the above mentioned steps or more than that and still couldn’t get your Gas cooktop diagnosed then there may be a possibility that your stove’s igniter has been failed and is not receiving enough electric current to run smoothly.

You can observe if the igniter is working properly or not by checking the spark it produces if it is too weak then that is the problem.

Other than that the clicking sound from gas stove without any light is also an indicator in this regard.

How to fix it:

There are two options!

With experts:

First of all if you are not an experienced DIYer yourself, then we recommend you to call experts and utilize their services as we always recommend.

You can call Frigidaire helpline or get us to check it.

By Yourself:

Follow the below mentioned tips to fix it by yourself.

  • Disconnect your Frigidaire gas cooktop from power source.
  • Remove, burner cap, grates and burners
  • Check for any disconnected wires.
  • If found, reconnect them and ensure all wires are connected tightly.
  • Reassemble everything and test.


I hope my troubleshooting article helps you figure out what to do when your Frigidaire gas cooktop won’t ignite.

If not then there may be some questions that I may have missed or not so common. Therefore, it is requested to kindly tell me that questions so that I can help you and others in this regard.

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