Updated: June 25, 2022

Do Chefs Prefer Gas or Electric Stoves

Written by:
Timothy Spencer
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Brian Dean
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Josh Reynolds
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The chefs are in love with the gas stoves. Have you ever watched Master’s Chef? If yes, then have you ever watched any electric or induction cooktops? Exactly!

But why do chefs love so much gas stove. For starters, it is much, much and much more better than gas stoves. However, there are many who are going against gas stoves for the silliest reasons one could image of.

To further substantiate this let me give you some of the key features that are playing major role in making gas stoves king.


Who doesn’t love it when things go as accurate as possible, and when it comes to perform a hectic job as of chefs gas stoves are their choice.

Gas stoves as compared to electric / induction cooktops are much more precise and can be controlled easily with their knobs and dials.

Their precise heat output, give the food the perfect temperature that a chef needs. Moreover, the versatility of temperature controlling options, it is much convenient for chefs to cook delicate foods without overcooking or undercooking them.

Comparatively, on electric stovetop, it is quite challenging to maintain consistent temperature.

The heat on gas stoves can easily be adjusted, controlled and flames are much more smoother allowing chefs to cook in their own stylish way they want. Remember Salt Bae?


Gas stoves are also way way much efficient as compare to electric stoves. Having open flame, heating the pan makes the food gets cook much more quickly and that also with much precision as compare to electric / induction stovetops.

Gas stoves make it all in your hand, giving you power to go as fast as you can. Thus providing the efficiency you require.

But wait, not only this, gas stove does also have multiple burners (4 or 5 at least), so you can cook different items at a single time.

On the other hand, you do know that electric/induction cooktops does not provide that much of efficiency.

Well for starters, electric/induction cooktops take too freakin much time in getting hot and second with electric gas stove you cannot forget whether the burner is hot or not, otherwise you’ll get harmed. 

The Food Remains Hot for long Time

Guest appeared and cooked nothing?

Gas stove are of great help here. You can cook and serve instantly without breaking a sweat.

But the main thing here to be asserted is that, food cooked on gas stove remains for longer time than electric or induction stoves.

Am I joking? No, gas stoves have open flames, which means these flames help your food stay warm and moist without drying out.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an electric stovetop or induction cooktop is as difficult as hell. You have to go through a lot of things and be careful for some considerations, checking manual for cleaning etc etc.

However, with gas stove, this is not the case. Just take the components out, put baking soda wait for 15 to 30 minutes and clean it off.

Voila! Your gas stove is as new as heck. Wanna sold it?

Not only this, the surface on a gas stove are more immune to stubborn stains, food debris or sauces spillages as compare to electrical stoves.

Heat tracing

If we are talking about electric stoves precisely, then there is one thing I would like to add. Have you seen ad for any electric stove?

If yes, then you do know that their burners become hot, on which you can put your pans or cookware.

Now consider this, you forgot that you left your electric stove on and mistakenly touched the hot surface. What will happen to your hand?

Remember a viral kissing video where a guy put his woman on hot stove? Yeah! Something like that.


If the wires in gas stove malfunctioned what will happen? It will just stopped sparking. Then you’ll either have to check the problem or ignite your gas stove with lighter or match.

But if the wires in electric stove malfunctioned what will happen? You’ll become Flash! No, silly, malfunctioned electric stoves can cause electric shocks. However, this is a very rare case.

But still this is THE CASE.


Wait, what? That is too much.

Well, listen to me first, yes they produce carbon monoxide and everything, but they are not harming the Mother Earth in a way electric stoves are i.e. they don’t require electricity.

Electric Stoves require electricity and are polluting groundwater with heavy metals (it can be checked on internet).

Studies have suggested, gas stoves produces 3.4 times less carbon monoxide than electrical stoves. You can check it here.


Accessible to everyone. Their cheap prices make them much more demanding as compare to its rivals. 

Ranging from $200 to $500 (check our buying guide) depending upon the model, type or your requirements, gas stoves come in handy.

However, you can check on Amazon the prices of electric stoves and you’ll yourself be shocked as hell. Jinxed!

Gas Line

Majority of the big cities, towns, counties does have a gas line. There are very less areas in USA where gas line has not been installed.

Therefore, installing your gas stove becomes way much easier.

However, electricity accessibility is not almost everywhere. Not only this, at different areas of USA (far flung) there is power breakdown.


Gas stoves are way much durable.

With no offence that is a bad thing for me as I maintain and sell them.

But gas stoves (if taken care properly) can be used for 10 to 20 years.

Their durability is another factor which catch the attention of its customers and make them hard earned fan of gas stoves.

However, the durability of electric stoves are not that good, they require time to time maintenance after two to three years of their manufacturing.

Versatile with Cookware

Gas stoves can be used with induction cookware but induction cooktop cannot.

Moreover, flat electric stoves will only work perfectly if used with flat based cookware.

But I am a homeowner should I buy gas stove?

Well, for starter this article was meant only for you. You were thinking of buying a gas stove but was somehow tempted with fancy ad for electric stove.

Second the above mentioned tips are for you and you only. Therefore, if you still think you need an electric stove then it’s upto you.

Wrap Up!

The versatility of cookware, cheap installation and maintenance, & availability in far flung area is what helps us to declare that GAS STOVE IS KING as compare to electric stoves.

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