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Cleaning Downdraft Cooktop Vent

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Timothy Spencer
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The downdraft gas cooktop is elegant, stylish, and modern. Downdraft cooktops provide the best of cooking while keeping you out of the elements. To pull and filter smoke, steam, and aromas away from the range and out of the house, the cooktop features a fan either under the burners or close to the back of them.

Their up-to-date technology is making its demand getting increase day by day. Hence, there are some things relating to its operationalization that we think are important to discuss here.

Out of which, the cleaning of the cooktop’s downdraft vent plays a crucial role in this regard. There are things that you may wonder about, how to clean it when to clean it etc. etc.

Cleaning a downdraft cooktop is simple. The procedure varies based on the brand however, we have tried our best to give detailed instructions to help you understand how can you clean downdraft cooktop vent by yourself, generally.

Key Highlights

For cleaning the downdraft stove vent:

  • Move the vent up and turn the blowers off
  • Remove filters and clean them with a solution
  • Clean all the areas of filters and downdraft with a vacuum cleaner or crevice tool

Important Note: For first-timers, you should try to contact your cooktop’s manufacturer and ask them how to clean it as the manuals do not contain that much good information.

How to Clean Downdraft Cooktop Vent

In this step-by-step guide, we have tried to break down the easiest way via which you can clean your downdraft cooktop vent.

the diagram of interior of cooktop vent system

We will start with the BLOWER because it requires special attention as it is much more prone to damage when cleaning.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Grill Spatula
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Detergent Solution

Move the Vent Up

Hold your finger on the “Button” of the pad until you see the vent move. If you see the air vent will pop up, then release after its fully open.

step-1 of turning the cooktops vent up

Turning Blower OFF

Turn the downdraft blower OFF by pressing the raise/lower pad.

step-2: turning off the blower

Removing the Filters:

Now, this is the main and vital part that should be given utmost attention. As described in the image below:

  1. Remove the Left filter first
  2. Then Slide the Right filter to the left
  3. Remove the Right Filter
step-3: taking off the air filters

Removing your cooktop vents filter is a task that should be performed with due diligence. 

Clean the Greased Filters:

The efficiency of your downdraft depends on a clean filter. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of cooking you do. Never operate the downdraft without the filters in place.

step-4: cleaning the air fliters

Follow these steps:

  1. Get a detergent solution (or you can also use Baking Soda with hot water).
  2. Place the grease filters into a bowl full of the solution, soak it and then agitate.
  3. With the help of light (careful) brushing, remove the embedded soil/grease from the filters.
  4. Before placing it again, rinse, shake and remove any moisture.

Things to Avoid In This Regard:

Filters can be washed in the dishwasher, though some color loss may occur after several washes. The filter will endure for years if handled properly. If a new item is required, contact your dealer.

If food soil remains, try a general kitchen cleaner.

Clean the Vent:

Before placing the greased filters into the cooktop’s vent, clean it clearly with the help of fiber cloth. A fiber cloth is the best approach in this regard as it is considered to be very good for cleaning inaccessible areas.

step-5: cleaning the filter area

Here in the image below you can check all the areas that you have to cover with respect to cleaning before assembling the vent system’s filter.

For Loosened grease

If you have a cooktop where air filters are inside of gas cooktop, then to clean the loosened grease that is lying inside the place where your grease filters are, you can use a grill spatula (which can be found on Amazon or Etsy, etc.) or you can also use a long stick, a putty knife, or something like that and wrap a cloth or sponge around it, to serve the purpose.

To clean this area, just spray the detergent and clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning the Downdraft:

Now the second half of the process i.e. cleaning the downdraft of your cooktop. The cleaning downdraft area of your cooktop is very easy and doesn’t require any kind of special care. However, doing it right is the best idea always.

step-6 cleaning the inside a downdraft stove vent

Now, you have two options to clean the downdraft of your cooktop:

  1. A vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment or with a crevice tool can be used.
  2. By doing a dusting with a simple clean cloth towel gently (if you do not have any tool).

Additional Considerations:

  • Disconnect the power supply and carefully wipe up all liquid
  • Before using the raised vent, be sure that no pot handles or other items will interfere with the vent intake raising and lowering.
  • If the vent intake becomes blocked while being raised or lowered, press the Up/Down switch once to stop the intake motion and then unplug the power supply. Remove the impediment, then restart the engine and press the Up/Down switch to continue increasing or lowering the intake.
  • Before reassembling the cooktop vent and its downdraft, make sure that all the components are DRY.
  • Activate the blower a few minutes after cleaning to establish an airflow pattern in the room.

Relevant FAQs

How often should the downdraft cooktop vent be cleaned?

Cooktop’s Vent should be cleaned every once a month and its downdraft and Grease filters should be checked every twice a week.

Does cleaning downdraft come in a warranty?

The warranty is limited to replacement parts ONLY, subject to on-site or in-house evaluation of defective materials, and does not apply to any personal 


So, in the end, as always, it is asserted to contact your gas cooktop’s manufacturer and tell them about your stove’s model and make and ask them for advice in this regard, it is hoped that you will get the best of the idea.

However, if they do not give you any advice for any reason, then this guide is the best approach and is versatile in nature for the subject matter.

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