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Can You Use A Noodle Board On A Gas Stove

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Timothy Spencer
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Brian Dean
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Josh Reynolds
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a picture of a dangerous noodle board decorated on a gas stove in a kitchen with flowers


Noodle boards are nowadays a new trend. Their elegant and lavish designs attract many. They are highly decorative and add texture to your kitchen. But the question is, should you rely on the beauty of noodle boards solely?

If you are in love with noodle boards and have a gas stove then, we have bad news for you. We want you to refrain from using noodle boards on a gas stove. There are many reasons ahead.

Key Highlights

It is highly advisable to not use a noodle board on a gas stove.

Gas can easily trap underneath the board of a gas stove, even if it is new or old.

Any flame that produces heat and is covered with a wooden board can be considered a necessary element to start a fire.

The majority of the people have already encountered fire erupted due to noodle board which cost them their fortune.

Here, we will try to break down all the aspects and give you reasons and supportive case studies, others’ bad experiences in this regard to convincing you why it is not a good idea to use a noodle board on a gas stove.

Why would you use a Gas Stove cover?

Primarily, this is the first question that you should ask yourself before buying a noodle board. Why, in the first place, are you intending to buy it?

To protect your gas stove from scratches and make it stain-resistant. But if you are buying a noodle board for this purpose then it is futile for you.

Because it already has become like that for many and here we have discussed a few of them to give you a lesson from these dreadful incidents

What is a Noodle Board?

Do you know what exactly is noodle board? It is a board made up of wood that sits on top of your cooktop/stovetop when the stove is not underutilization.

So, if the noodle board is some sort of gas stove cover, then what is the problem with using it on the cooktop/stovetop?

The biggest problem is with the material it’s manufactured with.

What is the Noodle Board made of?

A noodle board is usually made from Pine wood or hardwood like maple etc. So, there is your first answer, a noodle board is made up of wood. Who puts wood on a gas stove? Hence, it is vulnerable to flames and must not be used on a gas stovetop immediately after cooking as the burners are still hot.

Now, if you have seen many ads on this kind of board, you’ll also ask a question.

But aren’t Noodle Boards wrapped in a Plastic-like coating?

There are many fancy advertisements where manufacturers of these boards claim that they cannot catch fire because they are coated with plastic which is not a fire hazard.

Well, this plastic-like coating is called ‘Polyurethane’.

This plastic-like coating is called polyurethane. Wouldn’t that be sufficient care to prevent the board from heating up too quickly—a few nice applications of polyurethane?

The answer is no, Polyurethane is not immune to heat and no study claims it to be. So, whether coated with plastic or not the Noodle Board is a fire hazard and that is for sure. 

Then why people are saying that it is safe?

We were also astonished to find out that people on the
internet are claiming the gas stove noodle boards to be safe to use. Why would
someone claim such false facts so blatantly?

Upon conducting a thorough probe into the matter, we found
that many people that are praising the noodle boards to be safe and good to use
on a gas stove are either trying to sell noodle boards by themselves or are
promoting them via Affiliate links.

Otherwise, the majority of the people have reported negative
aspects of it and have abstained other from using it on their gas stoves. 

a picture of a hazardous noodle board

Additional consideration:

There are other additional considerations that we would like to adduce here to help you better understand why it is not a good idea.

The stove is hot after Cooking:

Suppose, the stove is hot after you are done cooking on it. Now, when or if you use a noodle board on it, then it is a very bad idea. It will damage the so-called plastic coating from your noodle board which will result in the eruption of fire.

Pilot light:

If you use a gas stove, you should be concerned about exposure to the pilot light. The gas that comes from the burners will be ignited in a gas stove using the pilot light.

The pilot light often stays lit, so heat is always being released. Heat naturally increases. It could be harmful to be around the pilot light for an extended period of time. Older ovens frequently include pilot lights; however, contemporary ovens may lack them.

Exposure to accidental Gas:

The chances of accidentally leaving your gas stove are very low. However, there still are chances, and having a noodle board will only add fuel to fire means it will only create calamity in many worst situations.

Building up of Gas:

Gas stovetop/cooktop might trap gas within the stove cover which can lead to gas building up inside your gas stove and eventually into an explosion or something like that.

Children & Pets:

Children & Pets are more prone to imitating a fire on a gas stove that is covered. All it takes is one probability to forget and it will have resulted in disaster. Therefore, it just not works the risk.

As per Law/Guidelines/Manuals:

There are several instances of countries’ laws forbidding the possession of combustible materials within, say, eighteen inches of a burner. Despite the fact that those laws were created with cabinets in mind, they do communicate a very serious fire risk.

Case Study based on others’ Bad Experience:

To provide you with helpful insights, our team has dug into the matter and tried to find out the best answers in this regard.

Here, we have collected the bad experiences of other people who have already been contacted with fire eruptions due to their slightest negligence with regard to covering their gas stoves with noodle boards.

Bad Experience No.1

In the community, a person asked if Noodle Board is a fire hazard or not. He was asking this question because he was appealed by the stylish design of the noodle board and its dedicated storage space etc.

So, in answer to this, a person shared that he had 2 stoves that were randomly turned on because of unknown reasons and resulted in a fire eruption.

Hence, his apartment was burnt and it took him almost 2 years to claim insurance.

Bad Experience No. 2:

In the same community, another person shared that his pet dog, inadvertently, turned the knobs on a gas stove which resulted in fire initiation.

By the time he went home, the fire caused havoc and it took 3 fire trucks and 2 police cars to extinguish the fire.

Everything was burnt, the rangehood, cupboards, bed, etc.

Bad Experience No. 3

Another bad experience was shared by someone on Facebook, telling that his sister’s house was burned due to her pet dog being counter surfing and it turned the burner on while the noodle board was on top of the gas stove which also resulted in burning everything in the home. 


Yes, we can totally understand that you haven’t considered the noodle board as a fire threat before, but now, it is highly recommended to consider it as one.

Moreover, we also have provided references to the main sources where these experiences were shared. But not only this, but we also encourage you to look by yourself on social media, and the online community or ask your friends, family, colleagues, etc. and ask them whether it is a good idea to use a noodle board or not.

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