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Are Gas Stoves Expensive To Run?

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Timothy Spencer
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Well, if you are like me, you may be trying to save up something from your daily utilization of utensils at home. What else can we do in this recession period? In this regard, you may be wondering if the gas cooktop/stove that you are currently using is out of your budget or affordable.

It is pertinent to mention here that the cost of a cooking appliance does not only depends upon its price tag but also on some other factors too. Even though some stoves are cheaper than others, still it doesn’t necessarily imply that they can save you money. For time being they are saving you some, but in long run, you’ll regret it.

If talking supposedly, it can cost you almost $7 a month to operate a gas stove and $11 for an electric stove.

Point to mention: If the gas stove is running on natural gas and has electric ignition.

So, if you are using your gas stove for an hour per day then you’ll supposedly have to pay 23 cents for that hour.

Don’t you worry, here I will go into details and provide attention to key particulars, helping you to understand, how & why gas stoves are not expensive to run?


The first point here should be durability, because what else is better for saving other than durability?

In this regard, whenever, it comes to durability, gas stoves are killer here, they tend to last a few to many years longer than electric stoves, ranging from 5 years to 10 years.

Unlike electric stoves, their elements do not wear not that quickly and even if they do you can easily replace them by yourself and their elements are also very cheap.


The maintenance of a gas stove is easy. You can clean it with just baking soda and replace its counterparts easily. This can help you save money whenever you encounter any mishap of getting your gas stove damaged.

It is noteworthy to add here that as stated above when you are using gas cooktops you should not get worried about their elements getting worn out as the gas cooktops tend to have much longer lives than electric stoves.

In addition to this, electric cooktops/stoves have glass tops that are more vulnerable to getting damaged or cracked. On the other hand, gas stoves are easier to maintain and their surfaces will not shatter or scratch. Hence, saving you a hell lot of money.

Immediate Heat:

The basic perk one can find in their gas cooktops/stoves is the functionality of immediate heat. The chefs are in love with the heat emission process of gas cooktops and that is because of its immediate heating phenomenon.

When you ignite the gas stove and put a pan on it, it immediately starts getting hot. Now, this thing is the main reason chefs, not only from the US but also worldwide are in love with gas cooktops because all they care about is the speed of cooking.


Though the immediate heat feature is enough for one to ascertain whether they should opt for a gas or electric stove. But here is another point to make it more fathomable.

As per the study by California Energy Commission:

A gas stove tends to cost less than half to operate as compared to Electric Stove (an electric ignition one).

Furthermore, as per American Gas Association, natural gas is the best source for gas stoves and other appliances.

a gas stove

Easy to Use:

The handling, working and functionality of the gas cooktop/stove is way too much easy as you can adjust the flames up/down more easily with control knobs on the gas cooktop/stove as compared to an electric stove.

But, that doesn’t help in saving a penny, does it? Well, if you think about it the other way it does. The inability to understand the working of electric or induction cooktops or stoves can sometimes lead to using it for a longer period of time than you usually should. The result, excessive bills.

Not only this, you may or may not know one thing the burners on an electric stove tend to hold heat longer as compared to gas stoves. So, you may get burned from them if you forget about that fact and touch the burners inadvertently.


The gas cooktops, as their name suggests, burn flammable gas to generate heat. There are different types of gases that are used to ignite the gas cooktop/stove:

Now, the best part about these kinds of gases is that they are way less cheap than the per unit cost of electricity. Not only can this, but by using natural gas for your gas stove you further reduce the cost.

Other Tips for Saving Energy

There are some tips and tricks which can be very helpful in order to help you to attain maximum efficiency on your gas cooktops:

Getting Ready:

Get the other things ready before turning your gas cooktop/stove on. It will help you to save your gas cooktop and manage your cooking ingredients more easily.

The Right Cookware:

The right cookware is like an investment, it can help you save your precious time, money, and effort. Therefore choosing the right one is mandatory.

I’ll suggest you buy stainless steel pots and pans as they get heat quicker and more evenly throughout.

Matching Cookware & Burner Size:

A burner should match your cookware. Though it is not a must to have, still having them matched has an extra add-on with the heating process. Hence, it’ll reduce the energy consumption of your gas cooktop.

Cleaning Regularly:

Well, that is without saying. Cleaning any appliance regularly helps it to maintain its function ability and efficiency. The grease, food spillage, and residue may make your gas cooktop less efficient. Hence, cleaning it can also save you extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the extra FAQs in the subject matter:

Is Electric Stove More Expensive Than Gas?

Electric stoves are cheaper than gas stoves. However, that shouldn’t be considered a factor in saving you money. As stated above there are other things that, when considered, resulted in electric stoves being much more expensive than gas stoves.

Do Gas Stoves Save Money?

Yes. They are much more affordable and efficient fuel for cooking as compared to electric stoves. Moreover, with the help of this guide, you can save extra money on your gas cooktops.


Now, it goes without saying that gas stoves are the best approach in order to save fuel, energy, time, effort, and money.

If you are intending to pick the stove with the lowest monthly operating costs, then now you know what you should go for.

Though the other kind of stoves i.e. electric or induction is similar in price to gas stoves. But the energy efficiency of the gas stove is unmatchable overall.

That is why I recommend gas stoves. You can cut down your energy bill with them with the help of our cost-saving tips and methods.

If you have a further query you can either comment below or let us know by contacting us.

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