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Are Frigidaire gas cooktop good

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Is Frigidaire Gas Cooktop Worth it?

In the early-to-mid 1900s, the name ‘Frigidaire’ was so well-known in the home appliances industry that many Americans referred to any refrigerator as a Frigidaire, regardless of what brand it is.

Not only is this, as of today, the word Frigidaire frequently used as a synonym of the best quality brand for home appliances in France, Canada, and other western countries.

So that, by any doubt, answers to your question that Frigidaire brand itself is the most famous brand and people generally tends to put their blind trust in the product which have label of ‘Frigidaire’.

But that was the answer of whether Frigidaire is a good brand or not and does not fully satisfy to your answer whether Frigidaire Gas stove / cooktop are good or not.

This has been discussed in detail below. Keep reading to find out more!

Fame of Frigidaire Cooktop

Consumers chose Frigidaire as the greatest appliance brand by a large margin, according to the community poll website Ranker. Consumer Reports has named their side-by-side refrigerators as particularly dependable.

Frigidaire’s options are both basic/easy to use and reasonably priced. While they produce a wide range of equipment, refrigerators are their expertise, but that doesn’t mean their cooktops are not good. Frigidaire is an excellent choice when it comes to buy a cooktop for durability & efficiency. 

Furthermore, if you check out at Amazon.com you will find plethora of customer reviews about the quality modifications in the Frigidaire Cooktops / stovetops which keeps the brand maintain its top position.


The best thing about Frigidaire gas cooktops is the versatility in range. You can find different types of models alongwith different number of burners capacity. For Example;

  • Frigidaire Gallery 30” Gas Cooktop
  • Frigidaire Gallery 36” Gas Cooktop
  • Frigidaire Professional 36” Gas Cooktop with Griddle

Not only this, but alongwith different types, Frigidaire also provides various colors (black, stainless steel, white etc) and as said before it comes with number of burners i.e. 4 burners, 5 burners depending upon your range.


Well from my own personal experience, I loved all Frigidaire gas cooktops / stovetops when it comes to pricing and I always recommend it to my daily routine customers to get Frigidaire.

On average a Frigidaire gas cooktop / Stovetop can cost you around $250 dollars only.

Well if you think it is expensive then you should check the prices of other famous brand in the subject.

Customer Choice:

As narrated above, many of my own customers have loved the gas cooktops of Frigidaire. However, to substantiate that the Frigidaire gas stove is the people’s choice you can check it on Amazon. This will help you determine if you should go for it or not.

Personally, according to my experience, there is no other product which is that much famous, particularly in USA.


Other than that, Frigidaire gas cooktops are also available on almost all popular or local stores. 

Many of the stores at the time of opening tries to get their hands on Frigidaire gas cooktops to make their store looks more authoritative in the eyes of its customer.

Personally, I also have Frigidaire gas cooktops in my own store and tries to make these product available here 24/7.

Moreover, Frigidaire sells their products in 17 different countries.


If you have bought the Frigidaire gas cooktops by getting enchanted from my fancy words and now are cursing me because of the heavy prices. Then! Please don’t.

You can easily find rebate on their prices and can find out if they are, at time being, offering some kind of rebate in your area or not by Frigidaire.


What? Now you are again cursing me because you don’t know how to operate them. Well, that is not fair.

If this is the case then it is very easy for some to find guide for their Frigidaire’s gas cooktop handling. Frigidaire has made sure already, to provide manual for every kind of their appliances on the internet.

All you have to do is write:

Frigidaire + Your gas stove name on the label + Manual

Still not pleased! Contact me. I can Help!


Resilient is viable!

An old proverb made by me. Well as per my knowledge, the gas cooktops has been with us for many many years. However, if you look at it this way. Only those appliances are used nowadays which have digitalized their operating systems.

In this regard, Frigidaire gas cooktop comes upto the mark with modifications on every year. They are trying their best to meet the contemporary requirements of their customers.

Energy Star Certification:

An Energy Star Certification means to save energy, money, and help safeguard the environment by emitting less greenhouse gases than conventional structures.

And all the products of Frigidaire (alongwith gas cooktops) are certified as Energy star. Hence, lucrative for you. 

wok on a stove top

Warranty information:

Because Frigidaire manufactures a wide range of products, including smart appliances, they provide many warranties.

But for gas cooktop, Frigidaire guarantee is comprised of a 10 to 15-year depending upon the type of your gas stove and protection plan that you may opt for.

Gas varieties:

For any reason, if you do not have natural gas available in your area for any different reason then you can easily convert it from natural gas to propane or butane with the help of conversion kits.

Spare Parts:

Universality of spare parts available in almost every store is what makes Frigidaire one of the top choice of customers as they can easily change the knobs, burners, grates etc., if damaged, by themselves.

So Is Frigidaire Worth It?

A loud yes! A Frigidaire is definitely worth the investment if you require a quality appliance that operates well and looks excellent in your house and doesn’t breaks your back in terms of prices as the costs are reasonable and you don’t have compromise on quality too.


Who is current owner Frigidaire?

Currently, Frigdaire is owned by Sweden’s Electrolux Company

Where Frigidaire manufactures its products?

Regardless of being owned by a Sweden Company, Frigidaire products are manufactured in factories across the world, including some manufactured in the United States.

What is Frigidaire Privacy Policy?

Any information provided to Frigidaire is kept on servers in the United States. After you register your account on the Frigidaire website, you can opt out of specific cookie or advertising settings.

What is Frigidaire Shipping Policy?

Orders of $25 or more

Free Ground Shipping is available on all Frigidaire accessory and replacement component orders of $25.00 or more (excluding applicable sales tax). This deal is only valid for orders shipping inside the continental United States. If an item cancellation, discount, or promo code reduces the total order price to less than $25, the following shipping charges will apply.

Orders less than $25

Orders under $25 will be charged a fixed fee of $6.95 for ground delivery to addresses within the Continental United States.

How Do I Contact Frigidaire

If you are experiencing an issue with your Frigidaire appliance, the you can contact one of their knowledgeable associates, who will assist you with the diagnosis and, if required, book a service appointment by:

Dialing 1-800-374-4432 to reach a member of the service team


You can use live support chat available on their website

You can also visit their official store on Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 8 pm EST.


Well, now you are at bottom of this article which means I may have enchanted you with my fancy words but believe me choosing Frigidaire as your gas stove will be the best decision and you won’t regret it in the upcoming 10 to 15 years.

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