Updated: December 16, 2022

Top Reasons Why Pro Chefs Prefer Open Burners

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For many home cooks, the thought of using an open burner in the kitchen can be intimidating. After all, open burners are the type of range that professional chefs use in commercial kitchens. But open burners don’t have to be intimidating. 

In fact, open burners offer home cooks a variety of benefits that can make cooking a more enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons why professional chefs prefer open burners at home.

Sealed burner vs Open burner

Sealed burner vs Open burner

What are Open Burners?

Open burners are the traditional style of stovetop burners. They feature individual burners with open flames that are exposed to the air. These burners are more powerful and offer more heat control than sealed burners. Open burners are also more energy-efficient, since they don’t require preheating like sealed burners do.

What are Sealed Burners?

Sealed burners, on the other hand, are a more modern design. They have a flat, sealed surface that uses a combination of electric and gas elements to heat up and cook food. They are usually found on newer models of stoves and cooktops.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Chefs Prefer Open Burners at Home:

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Chefs Prefer Open Burners at Home

Power, Power, Power:

When it comes to cooking, power is one of the most important factors to consider. Chefs prefer open burners because they offer higher BTU ratings than traditional sealed burners, which means they heat up quickly and maintain a consistent heat. With an open burner, you can easily adjust the flame to achieve the desired temperature for a variety of dishes. 

This is especially important when cooking delicate foods like fish or eggs, as they can easily be ruined if cooked at too high of a temperature. Open burners also allow for more precise control over the heat, so you can easily adjust the flame to achieve the perfect level of heat for whatever you’re cooking.

Heat Distribution

Open burners also offer superior heat distribution compared to traditional gas or electric ranges. This is because open burners have a wide, flat surface that evenly distributes heat across the entire cooking surface. This means that food cooked on an open burner will cook more evenly and quickly. This is especially helpful for dishes that require long cooking times, such as stews or braises.

Wok Like a Pro

Open burners provide the power and control that professional chefs need to achieve restaurant-style results. Open burners offer higher BTU (British Thermal Units) output than traditional stovetops, giving chefs the ability to rapidly heat up their pans and cook food at higher temperatures. 

This is especially useful when stir-frying, a technique that requires intense heat to properly caramelise the food. Open burners also allow chefs to precisely control the temperature of their pans, making it easier to achieve the desired results. 

Effective Simmering

Open burners are also great for simmering. Simmering is a cooking technique that requires maintaining a low, consistent temperature. Open burners are able to maintain a consistent, low temperature, which makes them the perfect tool for simmering. This makes it easy to cook dishes that require low and slow cooking, such as soups and stews.

Easy Clean Up (Dispelling the Cleaning Myth)

Open burners are the preferred choice of professional chefs for their ability to provide more power and control when simmering. The open flame of an open burner is more concentrated than that of a sealed burner, allowing for greater precision when it comes to temperature control. This is especially beneficial when working with delicate sauces and other dishes that require a low and slow simmer. With an open burner, chefs can easily adjust the flame to get the perfect simmer and prevent scorching or boiling.


When it comes to cooking, control is key. With an open burner, you can easily adjust the temperature and heat level to get the exact results you’re looking for. This is especially important for delicate items like fish or vegetables that require a precise temperature to ensure they don’t overcook. With an open burner, you can easily adjust the heat level to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.


Open burners are incredibly safe. Unlike gas or electric stoves, open burners don’t require a pilot light, which means there’s no risk of a gas leak. Additionally, open burners are much easier to clean and maintain than gas or electric stoves. This makes them the ideal choice for any kitchen.


Finally, open burners are usually much more affordable than sealed burners. While sealed burners can be quite expensive, open burners are usually much more affordable. This makes them perfect for cooks who are on a budget but still want to enjoy the benefits of an open burner.

Wrapping Up

For professional chefs, open burners are the way to go. Open burners offer the power and control that chefs need to achieve restaurant-style results. Furthermore, they provide more versatility, are easier to clean, provide more uniform heating, and are more cost-effective than traditional stovetops. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why chefs prefer open burners at home.

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