Updated: January 15, 2023

Gas Stove Parts Names And Functions

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Timothy Spencer
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A gas stove is a staple in most kitchens, providing a reliable and efficient way to cook food. However, like any appliance, a gas stove is made up of several different parts that work together to make it function properly. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the various parts of a gas stove and their functions.


The knobs on a gas stove are located on the front panel and are used to control the flame of the burners. These knobs are typically labeled with the burner that they control, and they can be turned to adjust the heat. Some knobs may have a “light” setting, which is used to ignite the burner, and a “off” setting to turn off the flame when not in use.


The burners are the most visible part of a gas stove. They are located on the cooktop surface and are used to heat the pots and pans that are placed on them. Burners come in different sizes, depending on the stove model, and they typically have a small flame that can be adjusted using the knobs.

Burner Caps

The burner caps sit on top of the burners and help to distribute the heat evenly. They also protect the burners from spills and splatters. Burner caps can be removed for cleaning and should be checked for any damage or wear and tear.

Removable Grates

Removable grates are another important part of a gas stove. They sit on top of the burners and provide a stable surface for pots and pans to sit on. They also help to distribute heat evenly across the cookware. Removable grates can be removed for cleaning and should be checked for any damage or wear and tear.

Electronic Control Panels

Some gas stove models come with electronic control panels that allow you to control the stove’s settings and features with the touch of a button. These panels typically include buttons for turning the burners on and off, adjusting the heat, and setting the timer. Electronic control panels can be used to control the oven and stove top.


A gas stove is a complex appliance that is made up of several different parts. Understanding the function of each part is important for proper maintenance and operation. Some of the most important parts include knobs, burners, burner caps, removable grates, and electronic control panels. By familiarizing yourself with these parts, you’ll be able to identify any issues that may arise and take the necessary steps to fix them. Regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance of the stove parts can prolong the life and performance of the stove.

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