Updated: April 6, 2023

Can You Put a Stove In Front of a Window?

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Timothy Spencer
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Brian Dean
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Josh Reynolds
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When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are many factors to consider, such as the layout, appliances, and aesthetics. One common question that homeowners have is whether it is safe to put a stove in front of a window. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of putting a stove in front of a window, and provide some tips on how to do it safely.

Pros of Putting a Stove in Front of a Window

  • Better Ventilation: A stove placed in front of a window can provide better ventilation as it allows the smoke and steam to escape through the window. This can help in keeping the kitchen odor-free and improving the overall air quality.
  • Natural Light: Another benefit of placing a stove in front of a window is the natural light that comes in, which can make the kitchen brighter and more inviting.
  • Aesthetics: A stove placed in front of a window can add a focal point to the kitchen and create a unique design element.

Cons of Putting a Stove in Front of a Window

  • Fire Hazard: One of the biggest concerns of putting a stove in front of a window is the risk of a fire. If the curtains or blinds on the window are too close to the stove, they can catch fire from the heat or flames.
  • Heat Loss: Another disadvantage of putting a stove in front of a window is the potential heat loss during the winter months. The heat from the stove can escape through the window, making the kitchen colder and increasing energy bills.
  • Limited Counter Space: Placing a stove in front of a window can limit the available counter space, which can make it challenging to prepare meals or store cooking utensils.

Tips for Putting a Stove in Front of a Window

Choose the Right Stove:

If you’re planning to place a stove in front of a window, it’s essential to choose the right type of stove. Gas stoves tend to produce more heat and require a larger clearance area than electric stoves, which can increase the risk of a fire. On the other hand, electric stoves can be a safer option as they don’t produce an open flame.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Away from the Stove:

To avoid the risk of a fire, it’s essential to keep any curtains or blinds away from the stove. Consider using heat-resistant materials such as metal or ceramic to create a barrier between the stove and window treatments.

Install Proper Ventilation:

Proper ventilation is essential when placing a stove in front of a window. Ensure that there is enough clearance between the stove and the window, and consider installing an exhaust fan to remove any smoke or steam.

Consider a Backsplash:

To protect the area behind the stove, consider installing a backsplash. A backsplash can help to prevent any grease or food splatters from damaging the window or walls.


In conclusion, placing a stove in front of a window can provide better ventilation, natural light, and add a unique design element to the kitchen. However, it’s important to consider the potential fire hazards, heat loss, and limited counter space. By following the tips mentioned above and choosing the right stove, you can safely and stylishly incorporate a stove in front of a window in your kitchen.

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