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Thermomate CHMB774C 30 Inch Built-in Electric Cooktop

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Thermomate CHMB774C 30 Inch Built-in Electric Cooktop Full Specifications

Gone are the days of traditional gas stoves that lack precise temperature control, are difficult to clean, and consume considerable space in your kitchen. Enter the era of electric cooktops, providing users with a sleek, modern, and efficient cooking experience. In this blog, we will delve into the features of the Thermomate CHMB774C 30 Inch Built-in Electric Cooktop, a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance that promises to elevate your culinary skills and simplify your cooking process.

Thermomate CHMB774C 30 Inch Built-in Electric Cooktop:Features

Dual-Ring Radiant Element: Adaptability for All Cookware Sizes

The Thermomate CHMB774C electric cooktop boasts a versatile dual-ring radiant element that caters to all your cooking needs. It features a 2-in-1 zone with a 6-inch inner ring perfect for smaller pots and pans, as well as a 9-inch expandable outer ring designed to accommodate larger cookware. This innovative design allows you to prepare meals of all sizes, while its 2,500-watt powerful element ensures rapid boiling for efficient cooking.

Unparalleled Responsiveness & Flexibility in Control

With the Thermomate CHMB774C, you’ll have full control over your cooking experience. The cooktop offers an infinite number of temperature settings between the LO and Hi positions, enabling you to find the perfect heat level for any dish. The easily accessible right-side controls make adjusting the temperature a breeze, allowing you to turn up the heat as desired. Additionally, the cooktop features multiple settings, including simmer, melt, and keep warm, giving you the flexibility to prepare a variety of dishes with precision.

SCHOTT CERAN Glass-Ceramic Cooking Surface: Sleek, Durable, and Easy to Clean

One of the standout features of the Thermomate CHMB774C electric cooktop is its SCHOTT CERAN glass-ceramic cooking surface. This material is designed to withstand heat up to 700℃ (1300°F) without expanding or contracting, ensuring the cooktop remains durable and long-lasting. The smooth top not only adds a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen but also simplifies the cleaning process. With a quick wipe, you can restore the pristine appearance of your cooktop, making maintenance effortless.

Hot Surface Indicator Protection: Safety First

The Thermomate CHMB774C prioritizes safety with its hot surface indicator protection feature. This visual hot surface indicator informs you if a cooking surface is on or still hot, allowing you to avoid accidental burns and cook with confidence. This added safety measure ensures a worry-free cooking experience for you and your family.

Wall Oven Compatibility: Flexible Installation Options

The Thermomate CHMB774C electric cooktop is designed to be compatible with wall ovens, offering you added flexibility in your kitchen setup. You can choose to install the cooktop with a wall oven or on its own, based on your preferences and available space. Before purchasing, make sure to verify the cooktop’s dimensions to ensure a proper fit: product size is 30.3″ W x 21.3″ D x 3.3″ H, with a cut-out size of 29.4″ W x 20.4″ D.


The Thermomate CHMB774C 30 Inch Built-in Electric Cooktop is an ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade their kitchen appliances or renovate their cooking space. With its versatile dual-ring radiant element, responsive and flexible controls, sleek SCHOTT CERAN glass-ceramic surface, hot surface indicator protection, and wall oven compatibility, this cooktop offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

cooktop types: Electric

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Electric Cooktops offer a safe, efficient and convenient way to cook meals. They are typically powered by electricity, making them a great option for households where gas is not available or those who prefer the convenience of electric cooking. Electric cooktops come in a variety of styles, sizes and configurations, allowing users to choose the best option for their needs. This article will provide an overview of electric cooktops and their features, as well as provide some tips for selecting the best option.
Types of Electric Cooktops
Electric cooktops come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations. The most common types of electric cooktops are coil, ceramic, induction, and smoothtop. Each type of cooktop has its own unique features and benefits.
Coil Electric Cooktops:
Coil electric cooktops are the most common type of electric cooktop. They are typically the most affordable option and are best for basic cooking needs. They feature heating elements that are embedded into the cooktop and heat up quickly when electricity is applied.
Ceramic Electric Cooktops:
Ceramic electric cooktops are a great option for those looking for a more modern look. They feature a smooth glass-ceramic surface that is easy to clean and provides a stylish appearance.
Induction Electric Cooktops:
Induction cooktops are the most advanced type of electric cooktop. They use magnetic fields to heat up pans quickly and evenly. They are more energy-efficient than conventional electric cooktops and are great for precise cooking.
Smoothtop Electric Cooktops:
Smoothtop electric cooktops are the most modern type of electric cooktop. They feature a smooth, flat surface that is easy to clean and provides a sleek, modern look.
Selecting the Best Electric Cooktop
When selecting the best electric cooktop for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. The first is size – make sure to choose a model that is the right size for your kitchen. The second is type – choose a model that features the features and benefits that best suit your needs. Finally, consider the cost – choose a model that is within your budget.

cooktop brands: ‎Thermomate

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The Thermomate cooking stove is a high-end, energy-efficient cooking appliance designed to save energy and time while cooking. It is a multi-function stove that can be used as a gas stove, electric oven, and microwave oven. It features a large cooking surface with four burners, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The control panel is designed with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to adjust the temperature and time settings. The oven has an advanced air circulation system that helps distribute heat evenly, allowing food to cook faster and more evenly. The stove also features a child-lock safety feature, preventing any accidental burns or fires.

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